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Beyoncé & JAY-Z Confirm Their Twins' Names On Instagram

Word travels fast nowadays and nothing is private — especially when you're a celebrity. Case and point, Beyoncé and JAY-Z. Back in June, the company run by Beyoncé and JAY-Z filed trademarks for the names "Rumi Carter" and "Sir Carter," unofficially confirming the fact that they had likely had a boy and a girl. But now the word is finally official because Beyoncé and JAY-Z have confirmed the twins names in a stunning Instagram post that's perhaps even more glamorous than the couple's initial pregnancy announcement from February.

Multiple outlets first reported that Beyoncé had given birth on June 17, but with some complications. After being welcomed into the world, the twins reportedly remained in the hospital due to "premature birth issues," according to TMZ, and the doctors did not want to release the babies until they were stabilized. While the rest of the world mulled over the rumors and speculation, Beyoncé and JAY-Z (and representatives for the couple) remained silent. But, as previously stated, word travels fast; the filing of the trademark for Rumi and Sir Carter kind of confirmed all that was needed to be said, until Beyoncé and JAY-Z said it themselves.

Though, when they said it themselves, it was glorious:

In the stunning Instagram image, Beyoncé is seen holding the sleeping (and adorable) twins in her arms, clad in a purple, pink, and blue floor-length robe, blue lingerie bottoms, and a light aqua-hued sheer veil. She is barefoot and glowing with golden waves, you know, just looking like the goddess she really is. In the caption, she wrote,

Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today.

So there you have it — Rumi and Sir Carter are officially, officially the names of the twins.

Of course, just when you thought the speculation about the twins names was over, there's something new to ponder over — why the twins are named Rumi and Sir.

Rumi is a 13th century Persian poet whose words are still quoted to this day, and 800 years later, is a best selling poet in the United States. Sir, on the other hand, is a title of higher authority, and it would make sense for Beyoncé and JAY-Z, the king and queen of the entertainment industry, to name their child such a proper name. (And if you really want to take part in the speculation, then there are already theories about how Rumi and Sir's names are connected to the Illuminati.)

Now that the names have been confirmed, there is no doubt that that they will only increase in popularity (celebrities tend to have that effect on baby names). Expect to see plenty of little Rumis and Sirs popping up in kindergarten classes a few years from now.