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These Beyoncé Twin Illuminati Memes Are Everywhere

That sound you just heard was the internet exploding as reports pour in that Beyoncé has given birth to her twins, which means that second sound you heard was all of the Beyoncé twin Illuminati memes booming into the world. Because if there's one thing fans (and critics) of Beyoncé love, it's a good conspiracy theory. All you have to do is mention "twins" and all of their brains will explode with the belief that Beyoncé is basically the queen of the Illuminati.

Rumors about Bey and her husband Jay Z being apart of the Illuminati aren't anything new — rather, they've been swirling for decades. But back in February, when Beyoncé announced her pregnancy, the rumors ramped up. There have been fans (and critics) of Bey poring over every detail of her Instagram account, looking for any proof that she and her family are in the Illuminati. But let's be honest — the fact that she's having two babies is enough for some. Add in the fact that she reportedly (according to People) gave birth to her twins earlier this week, meaning she gave birth during the month of the Gemini zodiac sign (which is symbolized by twins), and you're likely hearing a third sound — the Illuminati theories swarming the internet.

Some believe the Illuminati actually impregnated Beyoncé with her twins for total world domination.

(Which, let's be honest, Bey didn't need twins to dominate the world. Who run the world, y'all?)

Others believe that since the twins are also Geminis (assuming the sources are true that Bey gave birth earlier this week), the theories about Bey being in the Illuminati don't really need much more proof.

Basically? The internet isn't ready to let this rumor go. Add in all of the triangle signs Beyoncé has slipped into her Instagram, the "y'all haters corny with that Illuminati mess" lyric from "Formation," and the fact that carrying her twins meant Beyoncé literally went from one to three, and even you might even start believing the conspiracy theories, too.

But one thing is certain — whether Beyoncé is in the Illuminati or not, she has earned her success, her reputation, and her twins are going to be more than just part of a pyramid — they're going to be a huge part of the world and the Carter family. (But seriously, Gemini twins? Come on Bey — it's time to spill the Illuminati beans.)