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Bradley Cooper Jokes He's Running A "One-Man Preschool" For His 3-Year-Old Daughter

He may have starred as a disinterested teacher in The Hangover years ago, but it sounds like Mr. Cooper has evolved from those wild Vegas days. In a new interview, actor Bradley Cooper joked that he's his daughter's preschool teacher during quarantine and the curriculum includes bathtub swim lessons.

Cooper, who shares 3-year-old daughter Lea De Seine with ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk, has been diligently practicing social distancing amid the current coronavirus pandemic. As he shared with Interview Magazine, he's currently living with his elderly mother, who will soon be 80 years old and has a colostomy bag, so he "can’t let anybody in the house" or leave to run errands or what have you. "If she gets it, it’s over," Cooper told the magazine, referring to COVID-19.

Even though he's been cooped up at home with his mom, Gloria Campano, daughter Lea, and their two dogs for the past few months, Cooper has found ways to keep everyone busy, especially his toddler. "We live in a little townhouse, thankfully there's a backyard," the actor told the magazine. "I'm running a one-man preschool. We get up, we do swim class in the bathtub."

After swim class, it's certainly possible that Cooper's preschool curriculum also includes music lessons. After all, Cooper, who showcased his talents as musician Jackson Maine in 2018's A Star Is Born, told Entertainment Tonight in February 2019 that his home is a "musical home." "We sing a lot. She loves to sing," he told the news outlet of his daughter.

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Later that year, during an appearance on The Ellen Show, Cooper told host Ellen DeGeneres that being around his daughter has taught him to embrace his "childlike self" and it sounds like they have so much fun together. "I can just play with toys all day long... and watch cartoons endlessly and not feel like I'm wasting my life," he told DeGeneres. "The innocence is beautiful to see."

Whether they're singing, swimming, or watching cartoons together, it sounds like Cooper certainly has a hold of this whole quarantine school thing.

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