Build-A-Bear Baby Yoda is coming soon.

*Hyperventilating* Please Look At How Perfect Build-A-Bear's Baby Yoda Is

Like The Mandalorian himself, I would change the entire trajectory of my life to protect The Child (aka Baby Yoda). I mean, it goes without saying that I'm already doing this with my own actual children, but if you tell me that the first time you laid eyes on Baby Yoda with your Disney+ subscription, you didn't feel the most visceral tug of love possible, I won't believe you. And now that Build-A-Bear's Baby Yoda has officially officially been unveiled, the maternal instinct to throw my body across the mall and protect any tiny Baby Yoda being stuffed by helpful Build-A-Bear employees is too much. It's practically The Force.

I once gave birth via C-section and the doctor held my newborn daughter over the top of the curtain like a lost muppet on Sesame Street, and my first thought was, "Oh. It's you." But when I saw The Child from Build-A-Bear, all perfectly wrinkled with the classic BAB paw tag on his little three-pronged alien Jedi hand, my first thought was, "This is the Lord's work." Look, I'm not proud of this. I'm just saying there is something unbearably cute about Baby Yoda, and Build-A-Bear has capitalized on it by offering the little guy as their latest addition to the Star Wars lineup. Like the original announcement back in January of this year (surprisingly, I thought this was at least eight years ago), there is no specific date on when you can make your own Baby Yoda and stuff him with a wished-upon red heart, but you can sign up through the website with your email to be alerted when he's (she? it?) available.

Romper Managing Editor April Daniels Hussar is not available for comment, because she's adopted this little nugget and has fled the country to live the world's cutest life.

Truly, I wish I could know what it is about Baby Yoda that has us so wrapped. Is it the eyes? The tiny coos? The long gangly ears? His ability to save your actual life with his tiny toddler paw? Whatever it is, Build-A-Bear has recreated with this little guy, down to the tiny cuffed folds of his oversized robe and his sweet little green mouth. He looks like the perfect cuddle companion, the perfect heft of child to tote around on your hip, and the perfect blend of softness and structure to make you feel like it's the actual child. Am I reading too much into this creation from Build-A-Bear? Probably. I just had no idea Jon Favreau could create my actual dreams.