OK, Now Build-A-Bear Has Thanksgiving Turkeys & I Want To Gobble Them Up

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays — maybe even more than Christmas. And I am so happy to hear there is a turkey Build-A-Bear available this year. I mean first of all, we have tons and tons of holiday music and no Thanksgiving music. Second of all, other than A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, I can’t really think of any legitimate Thanksgiving movies. Thanksgiving is my favorite because you gather with family and friends and create a meal together that you share, and you're supposed to talk about what you're thankful for. What's not to like, right? Basically, I wish Thanksgiving got as much recognition as Christmas. Even half the amount. A quarter! But this adorable Build-A-Bear turkey is making me feel a little bit better.

You can either just get the turkey alone ($22), or you can get the online exclusive Great Gobbles Turkey “Not a Turkey” Gift Set for $50. This amazing gift set includes the Great Gobbles Turkey, and a hilarious hoodie that says “Not a Turkey" because obviously he's got to fly under the radar this holiday. You can even get your friends some black frame sunglasses ($5) and jeans ($7), and black canvas high-tops ($8). You know, to really hide.

There were quite a few turkey sightings on Thanksgiving Day when I was growing up. I have seen turkeys running down the side of a busy road while we were on our way to Memaw’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, but I did grow up in a small southern town. Maybe if those turkeys had been wearing hoodies and sunglasses, I never would've noticed them. (And would've eaten nothing but sweet potato soufflé for Thanksgiving dinner.)

As for other furry friends who don’t need a secret identity on Thanksgiving (and probably won’t be seen running down the road escaping), you can get them in the holiday spirit as well. Build-A-Bear has Thanksgiving-inspired t-shirts that say, “Show me the stuffing,” “#blessed,” and even festive puffer vests that everyone likes to wear to be comfortable and cozy on Thanksgiving day.

Then once Thanksgiving is over (and not a minute sooner) make sure you check out the special Build-A-Bear holiday-inspired furry friends collection or the Merry Mission line. And of course, bears from the licensed furry friend collection that are inspired by classic holiday movies, such as this amazing A Christmas Story bear, should be added to your wishlist as well.

So give Thanksgiving the respect and fun it deserves and grab a turkey Build-A-Bear, whether it’s for yourself and some decoration in your home — because yes, people like myself decorate for Thanksgiving — or a little surprise for your kiddos. If not the turkey, you should totally dress your kid's current resident Build-A-Bear in festive Thanksgiving t-shirts. I mean, the whole family's going to get dressed up to sit in your grandmother's living room anyway, you might as well get all the stuffed animals involved. Everyone will have a very Happy Thanksgiving, indeed. #SaveThanksgiving and enjoy every moment.