There's A 'Christmas Story' Build-A-Bear & It's A Plush Pink Nightmare

There is a deranged Easter Bunny among the new assortment of licensed furry friends inspired by classic holiday movies at the Build-A-Bear Workshop this year. And no, it’s not an actual Easter Bunny, but the A Christmas Story Build-A-Bear ($50), which is a bear wearing that amazingly awful pink bunny costume poor Ralphie was forced to wear to show his mother. A pink nightmare.

But this Christmas Story Build-A-Bear is cuter than Ralphie was in his pink bunny pajamas, if you can believe it. The A Christmas Story Bear Bundle includes a classic brown bear with blue eyes (like Ralphie’s), and it comes with the signature thick black framed glasses. His little feet have Ralphie’s face embroidered onto a festive red and white plaid, and the A Christmas Story movie logo is sewn onto the bear’s chest, right over his heart. Even the ears have the plaid detail on them.

You can also buy the bunny costume separately if you think your bear would enjoy a gift from their Aunt Clara. Because she always gives you the nicest things. Just be prepared for your bear’s feet to immediately start to sweat as those two fluffy little bunnies with their blue button eyes stare sappily up at them. The glasses are also sold separately if you already have a bear and you want to turn them into Hipster Bear. Now that’s a good Build-A-Bear character idea, don’t you think? Add an ironic t-shirt and a scarf along with those glasses and they’ll be sipping artisanal coffee in no time.

Other Christmas movie bears include The National Lampoon Bear, complete with the robe and green fuzzy hat, and a Polar Express Bear, complete with a robe and bell. There is even a Grinch, Mickey, Minnie, and Snoopy wearing holiday garb. And they all are offered in holiday bundles as well. Y’all, you can even get your current bear a Snoopy holiday sweater that says Merry Christmas. I can’t. And if that doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, perhaps Build-A-Bear’s new Holiday-Themed Merry Mission Furry Friends would be up your alley? The popular white reindeer, Snow Magical Glisten, is back, and is joined by a fuzzy pink and glittery gold Pink Sparkle Llamacorn, an adorably wintery Blue Blast Husky and a “colorful and cuddly” Purple Stardust Unicorn. And of course, don't forget the assortment of Frozen 2 bears.

You know what else gets me in the holiday spirit? Giving back. And Build-A-Bear is also offering an opportunity for shoppers to help kids in need around the holidays. From now until Dec. 26, if you’re in the U.S., you can make a donation at checkout to benefit Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. And in Canada, Build-A-Bear has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Canada, WellChild in the UK and Barnardos Ireland. There will also be “Giving Tuesday” starting on Dec. 3 through Dec. 15, where “for every gift card purchased of $25 or more, Build-A-Bear Workshop will donate a bear to Toys for Tots (up to 20,000),” according to a press release.

So do some giving back this year and enjoy seeing your favorite Christmas movie classics in bear form — especially the A Christmas Story Build-A-Bear. I triple dog dare you to not take advantage of these bundles this year for the perfect gift.