Build-A-Bear's Baby Yoda Is Finally Here & Love Him, You Will

With two months until the return of The Mandalorian series, fans are struggling. The wildly popular Star Wars spin-off would provide a delicious intergalactic escape from our current pandemic-stricken planet right about now — but at least while you're waiting for the new season to premiere in October, you can snuggle up to Build-A-Bear Baby Yoda. After months of waiting, the adorable green plush is here at last... and have it, you must.

The officially licensed plush version of the most darling extraterrestrial ever to exist is now available from the beloved Build-A-Bear chain. Clad in his wee brown robe and adorned with a Star Wars logo on his foot, The Child is available for $44.

But wait, there’s, naturally more.

You can also buy Baby Yoda with a meal — his soup (the bowl reads: "The Force is Strong with This Little One") and favorite amphibian snack, a frog wristie ($56.50). As any fan will tell you, Baby Yoda won the hearts and stomachs of children everywhere we he munched on a frog-like-creature in episode two. Now your kiddo can keep their own Baby Yoda well fed with this bone broth and croaker meal-to-go.

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"Be sure to feed the Child after a long day of exploring the galaxy," the Build-A-Bear website advised. "Its adorable plush wristie is perfect for giving the Child a sip of bone broth and a yummy frog treat."

Or, if that's not enough to sate their Star Wars appetite, there’s the bonkers adorable “The Child with 5-in-1 Sounds & The Mandalorian Theme Song.” This Baby Yoda doesn’t just giggle in delight, it also plays Ludwig Göransson’s Mandalorian theme song so your kid can fully indulge their "foundling" love.

The musical plushie includes a sound chip in each paw, the website explains: one is a 5-in-1 sound chip featuring the Child's signature sounds; and the other is a sound chip featuring the theme song from The Mandalorian. So get ready to hear lots of super cute squeaks and squeals.

All three products are available now and can be shipped to your little Jedi as is or in one of three gift boxes. To get a closer look, visit