Build-A-Bear's Adorable New Reindeer Is So Sparkly, Even Rudolph Is Jealous

Santa's reindeer won't be flying for another few weeks, but snuggly plush versions are already available at Build-A-Bear's holiday workshop. In addition to the eight classic reindeer who lead Santa's sleigh (Dasher and Dancer and so on and so forth), Glisten the reindeer is back at Build-A-Bear with a brand new look that's next-level festive.

Much like Rudolph before her, Glisten stands out a bit from the other reindeer. This year's edition is Candy Cane Glisten. While the other reindeers' fur and antlers are brown, Candy Cane Glisten has striped antlers, shiny white fur, and shimmery silver hooves. You can snag one for $24 while Build-A-Bear's "Beary Big Sale" is going on.

Build-A-Bear is one of those stores that I'm a little jealous wasn't around when I was a kid. There's nothing I love more than accessorizing, so it really is a little fashionista's dream. Candy Cane Glisten, for example, has some adorable add-ons that you might just find it impossible to pass up. Her candy-covered cape is on sale for $10, and the matching bow is just $2.50. There's an adorable Gingerbread house for her to hang out in and of course, a reindeer food bowl to fuel her on her toy delivering mission. For $5, you can even have Glisten sing you a verse of "The 12 Days of Christmas" by adding a music button to her paw.

Glisten has made appearances in past holiday seasons at Build-A-Bear, and last year's edition is still available. Color Glow Glisten has multicolored antlers that light up, plus matching hooves. A regular-sized Color Glow Glisten starts at $21, but right now it's part of Build-A-Bear's 2 for $25 sale, so you could get a second furry friend for just a few bucks more (accessories sold separately, of course). An over-sized version of Color Glow Glisten (measuring in at 21 inches tall) is also available for $49.

My toddler hasn't discovered Build-A-Bear just yet, but Glisten and her adorable friends make me a little tempted to bring my daughter in. The holiday season is an extra fun time to visit the store, it seems. The store's mascot, "Bearemy", will be making an appearance at all locations on Saturday, December 1 and Saturday, December 8, according to the Build-A-Bear website. Starting at 1 p.m. on those dates, he'll be dressed like Santa and taking pictures with kids. There will also be free holiday themed scavenger hunts going on throughout the season, and Build-A-Bear has a "Nice List" for kids to sign in store, which you know Santa will be checking twice.

Black Friday is another great time to visit the store (or the website, if you're not into fighting through massive crowds hunting for deals). Build-A-Bear's Black Friday sale will give you the chance to snag a stuffed penguin for just $6, and they're also running a buy one, get one deal where the second bear (or reindeer, or superhero, or Paw Patrol pup etc.) is $6. There's even a plush Grinch this year, in honor of the new movie. These stuffed animals aren't exactly cheap, so that major discount means your holiday cash will go further — even though you'll probably just spend it on more reindeer accessories.