purple stuffed cat from build-a-bear

Build-A-Bear's $11.11 Flash Sale Is The Best Thing About Singles Day

You know all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but Singles Day is actually the world's largest online shopping holiday (even if you've never heard of it), and it just so happens to be November 11. But there's still time to shop: Build-A-Bear's Singles Day sale is marking down tons of adorable furry friends to $11.11 (get it?), and if your kids are Build-A-Bear fans, you know that's a very good deal.

Just in case you're not up on the whole history of Singles Day, it began as a holiday for single people, according to a press release from Build-A-Bear, with the date November 11th "chosen because the 1 in 11/11 represents the individual." (Also an "unofficial Chinese holiday," according to MSN, Singles Day is so-called because of the date's series of single digits.) Now, however, the holiday's reach has expanded beyond its original audience to include "all deal-seekers regardless of relationship status." Even though, truth be told, the majority of the people benefitting from this Build-A-Bear sale will probably be single anyway, technically (if it's ever really appropriate to describe a young child as "single").

Ultimately, it doesn't really matter why Singles Day is a thing or if it makes sense for kids to celebrate. What matters is that there are tons of super cute plush pals marked way down at Build-A-Bear.

Take this ridiculously cute baby penguin. Perfect for the holidays (penguins = snow = holiday cheer), this little guy is already wearing a pretty snazzy "suit"... but since you're saving 6 bucks, you could always pick up an outfit for him. (This penguin is not available unstuffed, so it's a great option to give as a gift, all ready to go.)

Luckily, there's an assortment of $11.11 accessories for sale, too... like this red velvet ornament costume (which would look too sweet on the above penguin).

Of course, you don't have to go the holiday-themed route. There's this little kitty, who's pretty all year round:

Not to mention, Night Magic Kitty is usually twice the price. (Available stuffed or unstuffed.) Also sporting a price tag that's been slashed in half is the sunset-colored bear below, who'd make an ideal gift for the kid who just can't wait for summer to come back again.

And you might as well pick up a summer-perfect outfit to go with it. This little two-piece ensemble will inspire all sorts of make-believe getaways for Tropical Popsicle Bear (or any BAB character).

If you take advantage of this Build-A-Bear $11.11 flash sale (just 24 hours!), by the time Black Friday rolls around you could already have a significant start on your holiday shopping. It seems as though quite a few people are thinking in those terms this Singles Day; as MSN reported, "it only took one minute and eight seconds for Chinese retail giant Alibaba to hit $1 billion in sales during Singles Day" this year: "On Monday, the company said total sales for China's yearly 24-hour 11/11 Global Shopping Festival reached 268.4 billion RMB, which translates to roughly $38.4 billion. That's more than Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are expected to bring in this year combined."

That's a whole lotta bears. But remember, they won't be on sale for long... so you'd better get shopping.