a stuffed lion from Build-a-Bear for Valentine's Day

Build-A-Bear's Valentine's Day Sale Includes This Bubbly-Toting Lion

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, which means you might be wildly scrambling to find your beloved a festive stuffed animal —perhaps a lion clad in a smoking jacket who is also cradling a flute of champagne? Luckily, Build-A-Bear has this exact plush pet available for purchase. In fact, Build-A-Bear has Valentine's Day gifts for everybody, from your bae to your baby. And best of all, they're on sale.

Stuffed animals are one of those rare gifts that transcend age. (Think about it: Not many gifts are equally appropriate for a toddler, a teen, or a... person who's older than that.) Judging by the Valentine items available online, Build-A-Bear knows that kids aren't the only ones who want to receive a furry friend on February 14 (though they might be more interested than the average adult in the stuffing part of the experience). Case in point — the aforementioned Loveable Lion Champagne Gift Set. It features a lion dressed like Hugh Hefner, holding both a stuffed bottle of bubbly and a flute to go with it. If you're curious about what's underneath his robe, it's a pair of heart-patterned silk pajamas. That's right, ladies. Get ready, cuz this King of the Jungle is about to put on some Sade...

Or maybe you're looking for something for the rosé drinker in your life? The Pink Cuddles Teddy Rosé Gift Set has her own tiny bottle, and judging by those glassy eyes, is swilling what appears to be a pretty heavy pour. She's wearing a "Stop and Smell the Rosé" t-shirt, as well as some sparkly Uggs, and kind of looks like the mom at book club who cries at the end and confesses she's having an affair with the UPS man.

Then there's Pawlette, a bunny wearing a velvet gown and some smart -looking Mary Janes. Pawlette has no stitched on smile, and seems slightly ticked off. But no no, of course she isn't angry you forgot to make a reservation somewhere, hon. Outback Steakhouse is fine. Sure, she went to the trouble of buying a new dress and getting her ears blown out. But no, really, it's FINE.

Pawlette may have tucked away this silky red slip for later, but the way things are going, you'll never see it...

As far as non-alcoholic stuffed animal offerings, there's a wide variety to choose from, including Happy Hugs Blue Tuxedo Bear (who looks all ready for the big V. Day Dance in his powder blue tux), Slow Cute Sloth (equally dance-ready in her sparkly silver tutu), and Happy Hugs Teddy Skunk, a teddy bear in a skunk suit with a red pillow that reads "Stinkin' Cute" (get it?).

One should note that some of these (like Rosé bear) are online exclusives, and might not be available at your local Build-A-Bear store. So while most items can be shipped within 6 to 8 business days, don't take too much time deciding which animal to order if you want it to arrive in time.