A baby boy wearing a Bumkins Disney bib

Bumkins’ New Disney-Themed Bibs, Pouches, & Bags Are So Cute & Easy To Clean — EXCLUSIVE

When listing off some of the greatest innovations in modern parenting, many would likely nominate the forehead thermometer, those things you can put in your dishwasher to keep your wine glasses from shattering, and Bumkins. Bumkins makes practical (and adorable) feeding gear and diapers, if you weren't aware. And if you're already a fan, you're likely going to flip over Bumkins' new Disney-themed bibs, bags, and pouches, featuring characters from Toy Story, vintage Mickey Mouse, and more.

The line includes bibs, snack pouches, and travel bags, all of which is made from the same awesome BPA-free, PVC-free, vinyl-free, phthalate-free and lead-free materials. This means that your bibs (if kept clean) amazingly will not faintly stink of banana or feel as if they always have a light coating of pancake syrup on them. (As I feel almost all of my baby items did.) And this stuff is sooo easy to clean. The bibs can be wiped down or thrown in the laundry, while the pouches can either be rinsed or tossed into the dishwasher.)

One of the things I personally appreciate about Bumkins is that even though they may use Disney/DC Comics in their designs, the items all still have their own Bumkin-y spin, making for more aesthetically-pleasing versions of Woody and Winnie. So you don't constantly look like you're toting around birthday supplies from Party City. You can be all: yes, my kid is wearing Disney, but look, it's a unique rendering of Buzz Lightyear...


The bibs of course have that over the back and shoulder loop, and those great little crumb-catcher pockets. Which, yes, you will later get to stick your hand into and pull out a delightful mish-mash of chewed up Cheerios and carrot ooze. But better to be in the pockets than on your floor, yes?

The new classic Mickey bibs are quite charming, and perfect for the minimalist parent who isn't a fan of garish cartoon coloring, and prefers for their baby to be sleek and neutral. They also offer their long-sleeved smocks with the old-timey Mickey design, which are great for budding artistes who love to mess with finger paint and markers. They're also good for little ones who are maybe too old for a bib, but who still struggle with getting meatballs straight into their mouths and not straight down the front of their shirts.


My own kid is well past bib or smock age, so I'm personally a bit more interested in the snack pouches. These zippered babies come in both a large and small size, and are a million times better than the terrible waste created by Ziploc bags. They're perfect for sending in a kid's snack to school, or for toting around emergency Veggie Straws and apple slices in your purse.

The new line also features some of the clear travel pouches, which are handy for helping to give a sense of order to the 8 million items one needs when traveling with a small child. They can be used to organize small toys, toiletries etc., making your TSA experience a breeze! (Kidding! No TSA experience with a small child is ever "a breeze.") It shall forever be the ultimate test of human endurance, on par with American Ninja Warrior. Actually, there should be a version of American Ninja Warrior that is just parents with small children going through airport security. First parent that doesn't snap and say "That's it, no iPad!" wins.


Anyway, back to the new Bumkins line! I don't even think I need to point out that a set of this stuff would make a great holiday gift for a new mom or mom-to-be, yes? It also makes for a very affordable present, as the pricing on the bibs is around $9, while the large snack pouches are only $7. Plus, you can feel good/smug that you are attempting to cut down on plastic use. It's a win-win. Unfortunately, you'll just have to be patient for a few more days, as the collection launches the week of November 11. But that still gives you plenty of time for holiday shopping!