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Me, Screaming From The Rooftops: Target Has $5 Sangria, Y'all!

Like most women my age, I love wine. And I mean love wine. However, I am definitely not a connoisseur. I can obviously tell the difference between a Chardonnay and a Cabernet, but as far as how expensive a bottle of wine is, if you gave me a glass from a $200 bottle of wine and a $10 bottle, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Luckily, the California Roots Brand of wine at Target tastes expensive, but they’re only $5. And just in time for summer, there’s now a California Roots Sangria at Target. God bless the Target gods. This delectable, refreshing, budget-friendly sangria will be hitting Target stores that are licensed to sell alcohol on May 20 — and not a moment too soon. I am so ready for a delicious fruity beverage to enjoy on my back deck while I watch my dogs run around in the yard. It will almost make the mosquitoes bearable. Almost.

The California Roots wine brand is to Target what the "Two-Buck-Chuck" is to Trader Joe’s. They should make that analogy part of the SATs, yeah? The point is, both brands not only taste delicious, but they're deliciously cheap. This new California Roots Sangria will taste of fresh berries and “zesty citrus,” making it the perfect summer beverage to sip on as you lounge by the pool, lake — or in your giant pickup truck pool float. You can store your sangria in the built-in cooler to keep it refreshingly cool.

And the best thing is that while this brand new wine will just be $5, so is the entire California Roots line. Sangria not your thing? Target offers California Roots wine in everyone’s favorite glass, including Cabernet, a “Red Blend,” Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and most recently, the Sauvignon Blanc. All the grapes are premium and from California, so you can’t go wrong with any of the varietals.

The Chardonnay has tropical fruit flavors and “a bright finish,” the Pinot Grigio comes in with “citrus and tropical fruit flavors,” the Moscato has melon and peach flavors, the Cabernet has “juicy cherry flavors, hints of oak,” and the “Red Blend” is filled with smooth berry and cherry flavors “with hints of spice,” according to the product descriptions.

And people love this California Roots $5 wine at Target, y'all. It's not just me and my "unrefined" wine taste. People all over Twitter go nuts for California Roots wine. Loving it because it's cheap, and it "gets the job done" in a tasty way.

Move over "Two-Buck-Chuck," California Roots wine is here. On May 20 you better head over to your favorite Target fast, because at just $5, I'm sure this new official summer staple will be selling out fast. It's not like you weren't going to be at Target — the mothership — anyway, right? Be sure to grab some of the other varietals for your wine collection — you can totally stock up since they're so inexpensive. And we all know they'll get consumed one way or another eventually.