This Truck Pool Float Has A Built-In Cooler, & You Can't Make This Stuff Up

“Tailgating” just got so much cooler — literally. Here in the south, tailgating is just as important, if not more important than the game, and BJ’s Wholesale has the perfect pool float for those who know what I mean. Enter the Bestway Big Red Truck Lounge Float with cooler for all of your lounging-on-the-water needs. I know plenty of southerners who would love to float down the Chattahoochee River on this big red truck solely because it is indeed a big red truck, but it actually gets even better.

It's as if the gods heard me, because y’all, this truck float even has a compartment for your drinks — beer, wine, juice boxes; basically whatever kinds of beverages the members of your family enjoy. All you have to do is peel back the velcro hood of the truck, and you'll find a generously sized cooler to store said beverages and plenty of ice to keep them cool. Think of all the time you'll spend during your summer days lounging in your own bright red truck, whether it’s in the pool, in the lake, or the Chattahoochee River.

For convenience, because this float is obviously all about making your life easier, there are two built-in cup holders to hold said beverages, and the arm and headrests make this float more comfortable than other options. Even though it looks ginormous, it should be pretty easy to haul it to and from whatever body of water you will be floating in, as it comes with "heavy-duty handles" and a grab rope for transporting, according to the product description. And don't worry, if you find that some natural wear and tear happens from your family using as much as they will — and who can blame them? — the product comes with a heavy duty repair patch to bandage cuts. The brand really did think of everything when coming up with this totally hilarious yet practical float.

If truck pool floats aren't your thing, there are all types of fun and unique flotation options out there that surely suit your style and mood— If you didn't gram yourself and your crew on a photogenic pool float, did you even enjoy your summer at all? Target's got plenty of affordable options like this unicorn pool float, a llama pool float, a cactus pool float, or even an ice cream sundae pool float with a shade canopy for little ones. And if you're looking or a convenient place to keep your beverage while you're in the pool, this pineapple and these puppies are very smart options.

But if truck pool floats are most definitely without a doubt your thing, you can wait for BJ's to restock (they were previously listed at $42, but are currently sold out), or if you need it ASAP, you can pay a few bucks more and conveniently get them from Amazon Prime where they're priced at $54. Either way, hop to it. Summer will be here before you know it.