How Pregnancy Changes Your Orgasm

by Lindsay E. Mack

Pregnancy changes everything from eating habits to energy levels. (I mean. the pregnancy cravings for certain foods are the stuff of legend.) But expecting a baby affects life in the bedroom as well, in a few surprising ways. With this in mind, you may wonder can pregnancy change your orgasm? Even the big O is not immune to changes from a developing baby.

For some women, the pregnancy orgasm is stronger than ever before. Because the entire genital region experiences an increase in blood flow during pregnancy, the erogenous zones are often more sensitive than normal, according to Fit Pregnancy. It does not require much effort to bring those sensitive regions to orgasm. Oh, and these intense experiences are not only relegated to the waking hours, either. According to the website for Women's Health, some pregnant women experience intense orgasms while sleeping. Thanks to a combination of pregnancy hormones and increased blood flow, many expectant women experience pleasant dreams indeed.

For some women, however, orgasms become pretty elusive during pregnancy. In the later days of pregnancy, a few of the go-to positions could be difficult to maneuver. Even the good old reliable missionary position might prove to be impossible to manage. Additionally, the simple presence of the baby may impede the body's ability to go through those familiar contractions, according to Babble. After a certain point, there is only so much space available. In these instances, the mom-to-be may have to wait until after the birth to become orgasmic again.

Lastly, some pregnant women experience discomfort due to orgasm. According to The Bump, it is not uncommon for women to experience cramping after an orgasm during pregnancy, as a side effect of the normal uterine contractions. This does not mean anything is wrong, as long as the cramping is mild and only lasts for a few minutes. Still, knowing an orgasm will result in painful cramping would probably put a damper on anyone's sex life. Whether the result is great or annoying, though, the way pregnancy affects orgasm will not last forever. Eventually the baby will arrive, and the new mom can enjoy learning the ins and outs of postpartum sex.