Austen's Video On 'Southern Charm' Got Him Into Trouble With His New Girlfriend

Austen Kroll had a reputation as a ladies man long before his current girlfriend, Madison LeCroy, came into the picture. And some might say that a leopard doesn't change its spots. That may or may not be the case with Austen, but after a video surfaced of a possible aftermath of Madison catching him in a threesome, it led some Southern Charm fans to believe that he was up to his old tricks. Other fans just want to know if you can still watch the Austen video. The Southern Charm star has a semi-viral video floating around of Madison showing up to his place in the wee hours of the morning and catching him with two women who may or may not be half naked.

In the video, Austen himself is in just his underwear and you can hear Madison talking to someone off-screen, asking them if they slept with Austen. A woman replies that she didn't, to which Madison points out that the woman’s underwear are lying next to Austen’s bed. Austen claims in the video that it’s because the two women slept over and slept in his bed, but if you ask me, it’s all a little suspicious. If you would like to watch the video and decide for yourself if Austen was just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time or if he really was guilty, you can still find it on YouTube.

In May, Austen spoke to Entertainment Tonight about what went down in the video and explained that it was taken very early on in their relationship. In fact, he said, the incident happened before they had even officially established themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend. Austen said that they "were both trying to push it to see how much the other person cared." So one night, when they were in the "off" part of their on again/off again dramatic phase, Austen went out and had a little too much to drink.

"I busied myself and it didn’t turn out so well," he told the news outlet. "Because she showed up the next day and was like, 'Wait! I want to talk things over.'"

Austen said that he himself never figured out what had actually happened between himself and the women and since it was so early on in his relationship with Madison, she likely eventually got over the incident for the sake of their future together.

Unfortunately, despite the video going viral last year, it’s a topic of discussion on Southern Charm this season, so Austen and Madison both have to relive all of the drama all over again. And, in a clip from show, Austen reveals that even his parents have seen the video and showed immense disappointment in him because of it. If there’s one viral video of yourself that you don't want your parents to see, it’s a 7:30 a.m. fight with your girlfriend over the two women you had in your bed. Austen’s video is just the gift that keeps on giving, no matter how much he doesn't want it.

Whether or not Austen really did have a threesome with two women at the start of his relationship with Madison, the two seem to have worked through their issues. Judging by Instagram, Madison and Austen are still together and going strong. It is entirely possible that Austen had a couple of women sleep over without actually hooking up with them. But from where Madison stood at the time, it looked as suspicious as it could get. Luckily for them, they are at a more solid place in their relationship now. So let’s just hope that Austen’s experience with viral videos is over.