Cardi B Talks About Kulture's Siblings & The Perks Of Blended Families With 'Vogue'

Cardi B is no stranger to online criticism. Whether it's about the language she uses, the way she dresses, or her relationship with Offset, the successful rapper often brushes it off and keeps on generally crushing it. However in a new interview with Vogue, Cardi B opened up about Kulture's siblings, Offset's three other children from previous relationships and a subject that critics have targeted over the years. The "Bodak Yellow" rapper's take on it all? There are lots of perks to having a blended family.

Cardi B recently sat down with Vogue for one of the magazine's four cover stories. In the interview, the Bronx native discussed her marriage with Offset, her ever-booming career, being a working mom, and why she's happy Kulture, now 1 year old, was born into a family with siblings.

"When I was pregnant with Kulture, a lot of people was like, oh, he has three kids already; why would you have a kid with somebody that have three kids? And it’s like, how is that such a bad thing?" she shared with Vogue. "My dad has eight kids, and we all get along, and it feels better, fuller."

Cardi B, who welcomed Kulture in July 2018, went on to say that when Offset's kids are at his house, they bring a "pop of fun" to life. "I actually love it," she told Vogue. "It brings out a different side of him that I like to see, and I love to see my baby interacting with her siblings. The more the merrier."

In addition to little Kulture, Offset has three other kids: 9-year-old son Jordan Cephus, whom he shares with his ex Justine Watson; 4-year-old Kody Cephus, whom he shares with ex Oriel Jamie; and 4-year-old Kalea, whom he shares with his ex Shya L'Amour.

Cardi B's sentiments likely resonated with many, considering blended families are much more common than they once were in the United States. In 1960, the dominant family configuration (73%) was all children living in a family with two married parents in their first marriage, according to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center. However, that's been on a steady decline ever since; in 1980, 61% of kids lived in this setup, and by 2015, only 46% of children were.

As someone who grew up in a blended family myself, I have so many fond memories of hanging out and playing with my step-siblings. Yes, divorce and re-marriage with children involved can be tricky, but it doesn't have to mean kids grow up in an environment filled with hard feelings, jealously, and resentment. Good for Cardi for setting the record straight about the beauty of blended families.