Carlin Bates Gives Update On Baby No. 1's Nursery In New House Tour

by Gillian Walters

Seven months after moving to Nashville with her husband, Evan Stewart, Carlin Bates gave a house tour to fans. And the video shared Monday reveals how the pregnant Bringing Up Bates star is preparing for the arrival of her little girl, Layla Rae.

Bates, who grew up in Lake City, Tennessee, was eager to start anew with Stewart, even if it meant moving out of her beloved childhood home. "I’m super excited about starting a home with him there, but I am also glad it’s still in Tennessee and very close to my family," she told Knox News after the May nuptials.

Bates and Stewart were lucky enough to receive design help from Chad and Erin Paine, who specialize in interior design and renovations. Bates showed off one of their creations, an entertainment center, in her Instagram Stories. "The big entertainment center was totally Chad and Erin," she revealed. "Erin picked this up on Facebook Marketplace, and we sanded it down and painted it white. She’s the mastermind behind it."

The mom-to-be also shared pictures of her Christmas decorations, including a shot of their tree. While laughing, Carlin admitted she didn't take measurements of her living room before picking out the slightly-too-big tree.

Other reveals included remodeled kitchen, laundry room, and her beautifully designed bedroom.

Of course, it's fair to wonder: Where will the baby sleep? This is exactly what one fan messaged Bates via Instagram, prompting the reality star to explain what's going on with the baby's nursery. As it turns out, Bates and Stewart haven't started putting together the nursery yet because they're currently using it for storage. Pretty relatable stuff, if you ask me.

Bates revealed she and Stewart will start working on putting the room together after the holidays, which makes sense. Considering their baby is set to arrive in February, this gives them a few months of prep.

In the meantime, Bates is enjoying spending time with family and friends. She most recently visited North Carolina to celebrate her maternal grandmother's birthday, writing on Instagram, "We always enjoy our time in NC with Mom’s side of the family - and love extra reasons for a road trip!"

Another reason why Bates might not be in any rush to finalize the nursery? She has plenty of siblings to help her during crunch time. That's the perk of having 18 brothers and sisters, I suppose.

On that note, good luck to Bates and Stewart as they navigate the remaining months of this journey.