Carrie Underwood singing in the video for The Champion ft Ludacris
Carrie Underwood/YouTube

Carrie Underwood's Mom Rapping Ludacris During Her Concert Is #MomGoals

It must be weird to be the parent of a celebrity. I mean, sure, people like Taylor Swift's mom or Ryan Reynold's mom have to be ridiculously proud of their kids' success. But let's get real. I bet it seems like their entire identify is linked to their famous children. Enter: Carrie Underwood's mother. Because Carrie Underwood's mom rapping Ludacris during her concert is serious #MomGoals.

So here's the deal. The American Idol winner has been touring with her family along for the ride since May — and is set to wrap up her Cry Pretty 360 tour later this month, according to People. On Thursday, Oct. 24, Underwood had an extra-special guest join her onstage during a performance in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was none other than her mother, Carole Underwood — who totally nailed Ludacris' verse from Carrie's song "The Champion." "Got to share the stage with this amazing champion tonight!" Underwood wrote Friday on Instagram Of course, I’m talking about my mom! She crushed it!" Carrie captioned a pic of the mother-daughter moment.

Not only did Underwood share a still shot of the performance, but she also posted a video clip of her mom rapping via Instagram, People reported. "Nailed it! I kept trying to keep her on track!" Underwood captioned the Instagram post. "At the end she said 'Did I do OK?”'Who knew Mom could rap?! #MyMomsCoolerThanYourMom."

A third and final Instagram post about the memorable rapping, Underwood can be seen hilariously predicting her mom's dance moves behind the scenes. Carole also admits that she was nervous ahead of her performance. "I'm going to sing Ludacris' part in 'The Champion,'" Carole says to the camera. "I don't know if I'm going to have fun here in a minute — I'm gonna be scared. But I've been practicing."

Carrie speaking about her mom before sharing the stage with her is pretty powerful, too. "Tonight, 'The Champion' is very special," Underwood says to her Tulsa, Oklahoma, crowd. "Her name is Carole. She's from my hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma. She is a champion. She was a teacher for 25 years. She has three daughters. She volunteers at her local animal shelter. How do I know all of this stuff about his woman? Because this is my mama."

In case you were curious about the reception Carole's rapping has gotten, Instagram is obsessed. Zach Swon of The Swon Brothers wrote, "This is the best. She is a firecracker! Maybe I’ll get her on a track."

Yet another Instagram user wrote, "Your Mom is a Rock Star!!!!!! OMG ! She was Awesome 😎!!!!!!!!! Loved it !!!!!!!"

"This is the coolest thing ever. Your mom is a champion!!!!!" Jennifer Wayne of Runaway Jane commented.

If one of my kids were to grow up and become an award-winning singing icon, I'd like to think I would be cool enough to agree to something like this. But let's get real: The average person is probably terrified to get onstage in front of tens of thousands of people. But Carole Underwood? She seems to take it all in stride — and she's a decent rapper, to boot!

So thank you, Carole, for showing the world where Carrie Underwood got her spunk, her talent, and her heart. Because you are serious #MomGoals.