You'll Be Winning At The Twinning Store On National Twin Day (& Beyond)

Twins run in my family. My mom is a twin, and her twin has twins, so the probability of me having them is very high. Naturally, National Twin Day is an important day for us, since twinship has been so formative in our family. For those with twins in their lives, there are lots of ways you can enjoy the double trouble holiday — and you can make sure you look good while you celebrate thanks to Twinning, the store that sells products for twins, by twins.

National Twin Day is dedicated to all the dynamic duos in the world, and it's a particularly fun holiday if you're a twin parent, especially when they're little since they aren't old enough to complain about wearing matching clothes yet. The holiday falls on Saturday, August 3 this year, so it's definitely time to start getting your celebration together. You could throw a twin-themed party, featuring two cakes; read Dr. Seuss's The Cat In The Hat for the Thing 1 and Thing 2 cameo; or have a twintastic photo shoot to commemorate your twinkies at whatever age they are now. But no matter what you do, you'll want your twinnies looking good, which is where Twinning comes in.

Courtesy of Twinning

Founded by twin sisters K & E in 2017, Twinning specializes in cute graphic tees and other items that focus on the fun of being twins. The products feature cute phrases like "yes, we're twins" which answer the questions twins get from strangers on a daily basis, as well as sweet phrases like "twin love is forever." The sisters started the company because they wanted to "flaunt their twin-ness" but couldn't find any twin-tastic clothes that they liked (not everything has to be Tweedle Dee-themed, y'know?), as they explain on their website. Since the brand launched, they've expanded their inventory into items for twins of all ages, and they've grown a community of what they call "#twinfluencers" on their Instagram.

Their twin experience has shaped their whole life, so it's natural they ended up turning it into a business. K & E's parents tell Romper via email, "The twin bond is just something else and so special. One of the things we always say is that in heated discussions, don't take a stand, because 5 minutes later they will agree." They take that philosophy seriously in their business, as the duo have a deal that they must both like every design they make. Overall, their clothes are pretty simple, but they'll definitely highlight the twin thing if that's what you're going for. See for yourself.

This bodysuit comes in white, gray, and pink, and that color variety might just help people be able to tell your little ones apart. (For once.) They're available from newborn sizes to 24 months, and they feature a three-snap closure and lap shoulders for easy changing. And now you won't have to say "yes, they're twins" every time you take a stroll in the park.

These numbered twin tees are fun for your duo, as they're like a personalized twist on Thing 1 and Thing 2. They can wear it for National Twin Day, or wear it to the next family reunion to help everyone remember who is who. (We could all use the help.)

Of all the twin puns I've seen in my day, I've never encountered "Twincess" before, which is why this tee is so much fun. If your little ones are all about dress up these days, they'll love these shirts. And you'll love that they're 100 percent cotton.

And as a gift to you wildly overworked twin parents, Twinning recently added gear for twin moms and dads to their repertoire, so you can rep your duo too. My personal fave is the twin mom sweatshirt:

Imagine how cute the three of you would look with you sporting the sweatshirt and your little ones wearing their matching bodysuits. That's an Instagram moment waiting to happen.

You can check out all the Twinning products on company website. Pro-tip: they're offering free shipping when you order on National Twin Day, so set a reminder to click "buy" on that cart you're filling up.