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Chad's Comments About The Twins On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Weren't Cool, But Not Surprising

Of all the people you expected to get super wasted on the season premiere of Bachelor In Paradise, it wasn't super surprising that it was Chad, but that's honestly the last thing he needed to bring out the Chad Monster so soon. And Chad's comments about the twins on Bachelor In Paradise were not cool, but they also weren't surprising. You know how alcohol can bring quiet people out of their shells and make them something of the life of the party? Apparently for people who are normally as tightly wound and attention grabbing as Chad, alcohol has the sort of effect to make him Super Chad. And that is nothing like SuperMan. Because apparently when he's drunk, Chad is so much more Chad-like than we can handle.

But he was drunk basically all day and night, saying all sorts of things to offend pretty much every woman on Bachelor In Paradise, including the twins. Or, they would have been understandably offended had they heard him comparing them to dumbbells to stack up and use as weights. Har har har, Chad, because you used your luggage as weights on last season of The Bachelorette. But yeah, the twins on Bachelor In Paradise aren't objects, so no.

After Chad's night of drunken antics and allegedly voiding his bowels in his underwear, he was as unapologetic as you would expect him to be. And when Sarah called him out for being so disrespectful to all of the women of Bachelor In Paradise, his response was that Lace likes how he acted toward her and what he said to her. It became clear that he either didn't remember how awful he was or just didn't care.

Either way, Chad's comments about the twins being there as objects to use and his comments about and to the other women were inexcusable. And when Chris Harrison asked Chad to leave on the season premiere of Bachelor In Paradise, it was kind of expected.

Chad was given a second chance on Bachelor In Paradise to find love but also to redeem himself, and it was just too much. He proved that he was worse than ever and that apparently not everyone is deserving of second chances. Because we can all agree that Chad was not. On The Bachelorette last season, Chad was annoying and yes, violent. But on Bachelor In Paradise, Chad was on a whole other level of ridiculousness.