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Chelsea's Instagram Proves This 'Bachelor' Contestant Is A Devoted Mom

When you agree to go on The Bachelor as a contestant, you give up a lot of things, including your privacy, but mostly your time. If you end up making it far, it’s like a catch-22. You're closer to falling in love with a potential husband, but your life is put on hold. For contestant Chelsea Roy that’s probably even harder for her to do, since she’s also a mom. And Chelsea’s Instagram before The Bachelor shows how important being a mom is to her and how big of a role her young son plays in her life. Spoiler alert: it’s obviously the biggest role of everyone, and Chelsea’s Instagram photos and videos show their very strong bond.

Before she even auditioned to be one of Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s potential suitorettes on The Bachelor Season 22, Chelsea was home in Portland, Maine, where she works as a real estate executive assistant and lives with her three-year-old son, Sam. Although there’s no mention of her son’s father on her Instagram, if you go way back in her photo history, you can see that they were together before Sam was born and on his own Instagram account, which is private, his main photo is of himself with Sam on his shoulders, so he does seem to be in the little boy’s life. But since the parents are clearly split up, it looks like Chelsea’s life revolves around her son, and rightfully so. He could basically be a toddler model.

Speaking of modeling, never say never when it comes to Chelsea’s son, because among the adorable selfies and candid shots of the two of them, there are also some professional photos of the toddler. And if he’s anything like his mom, modeling in a professional atmosphere may come naturally to him.

Long before Sam was even born, Chelsea seemed so at peace with the idea of giving birth to her first and only child. She wrote captions like "My heart is so full of love <3 just waiting for this little boy to meet the world :)" and "Perfect day celebrating a new week of pregnancy and a new year of my life. I will carry you forever," proving that Chelsea may be the most maternal Bachelor contestant this season.

Chelsea may have a busy career as both an executive assistant and possibly part-time model, but when she’s not helping real estate brokers close on houses or posing for professional photos, she’s all about Sam. And they seriously make the cutest pair together. I am highly anticipating a hometown date full of frolicking in the snow with both Sam and Arie, if Chelsea makes it to hometown dates this season.

They also bond together by skateboarding, traveling, eating ice cream, and giving and receiving piggy back rides. You know, just toddler things and it seems like they have a blast with each other.

But just because Chelsea is a totally devoted mom to her son, don't mistake her for someone who will be unafraid to stand up for herself in the Bachelor Mansion or be one of the many women who utter the "Can I steal you for a sec?" phrase throughout the season. As shown in the trailer for The Bachelor Season 22, Chelsea makes it clear that she’s going to be making what she calls "bold moves" in order to get her time with Arie and make her experience on the show worth every minute.

As a mom myself, I totally get her need to make every second matter and to not hold back, because she could be meeting her future husband here. But when it's all said and done, clearly the most important guy in Chelsea’s life will always be her son.

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