Craig Sjodin/ABC

'Bachelor In Paradise' Producers Nailed Chris B.'s Celebrity Doppelganger

Bachelor in Paradise has arrived at the point where even producers start to get a little loopy, a prime example of which is Chris Bukowski's chyrons, which have grown progressively more outlandish as the season marches on. Some viewers have picked up on his resemblance to a certain celebrity, and it appears even the BiP producers noticed Chris B. looks like Gerard Butler. So much so, they even gave him the chyron "Not Gerard Butler" on the Sept. 3 episode. This, just one day after dubbing him a "Bachelor Nation Elder" in his lower third.

Since things have been going so well for Chris in Paradise, he's taken it upon himself to dole out advice this season to his brethren on the struggle bus. After giving Derek some validation over his Tayshia and John Paul Jones love triangle, Chris became something of a Bachelor in Paradise relationship guru. Derek ultimately wound up sending himself home after Tayshia dumped him and Papa Chris switched gears to bestow his years of Bachelor Nation wisdom upon JPJ. As Chris gently let JPJ know that he was acting out of pocket with Derek, a cutaway interview helpfully reminded viewers that the six-time Bachelor franchise veteran was not, in fact, Gerard Butler.

At the time of publication, Chris B. has yet to change his Twitter bio to either "Bachelor Nation Elder" or "Not Gerard Butler," but the resemblance between him and the Scottish actor is pretty funny. As for Katie Morton, Chris's main BiP squeeze, she seems to be into all of it.

Chris came to BiP Season 6 as something of a villain after his aggressive flame-outs on no less than three different Bachelor franchise shows. But, Chris said, he came out of his self-imposed reality TV retirement because he felt he'd reached a very different place in his life. At 32 years old, Chris has matured a lot since viewers first saw him on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette way back in 2012. He's maintained a steady relationship with Katie in Paradise pretty much since the beginning of the season, even overcoming a small bump in the road together. When Jen Saviano came down to the beach, she had her eyes set on Chris, who couldn't have been less interested. But Katie pushed him to to explore a connection with her, which she later admitted she'd only done to protect herself.

But when Katie confessed that she actually felt miserable watching Chris go on a date with someone else, he was super understanding. Chris left Jen in the dust, even after a pretty streamy make-out session, and she went home. He and Katie have been going strong ever since, and are even an odds-on favorite to get engaged at the end of the season. It's an extremely rare Paradise redemption story, but it's clear that viewers and producers alike are having a lot of fun with Chris Bukowski this season.

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