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Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger Moved Closer To Anna Faris For The Best Reason

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger definitely have a lot to celebrate these days. In addition to being newly-engaged, the two have also moved in together, and are presumably having a great time settling in to their soon-to-be-married life. But while it might seem reasonable to expect that they would choose to move further away from his ex-wife, it turns out that Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger just moved closer to Anna Faris, according to People, and there's actually a really great reason for that.

While Pratt and Faris' own romantic relationship may not have worked out the way they had planned, the two are definitely dedicated to ensuring they remain on good terms, because they share a 6-year-old son together named Jack. And though it's not always easy for exes to navigate co-parenting while they're also moving on in new relationships, Faris and Pratt's custody agreement actually includes a stipulation that the former spouses will continue to live within five miles of each other while their son is still young. And that's a pretty brilliant way to make sure that Jack still has both of his parents involved in his life, regardless of what else may be going on in their lives privately.

The reality of that agreement, though, has meant that, when the time came for Pratt and Schwarzenegger to decide to move in together, they were somewhat limited in their options geographically. Though Pratt and Faris formerly shared a home in the Hollywood Hills while they were married, according to People, these days Faris lives in west Los Angeles, which means that now, Pratt and Schwarzenegger do as well.

But while the obvious upside is that they will get to still spend plenty of time with Jack, living in west L.A. was likely was totally fine with Schwarzenegger anyway: according to People, her previous home was in Santa Monica, and she and Pratt are said to love the neighborhood.

Faris and Pratt may have pretty much broken everyone's heart when they announced in 2017 that they'd decided to go their separate ways, but it seems like post-split life is treating them both pretty well. In addition to Pratt finding love again with his now-fiancée, Faris has also moved on to a new relationship with cinematographer Michael Barrett.

Together, the foursome has been spotted doing adorable things like taking Jack out trick-or-treating on Halloween, and Faris and Pratt also seem to have made sure to be as supportive as possible of each other when it came to Pratt's engagement news. According to Cosmopolitan, Pratt reportedly gave Faris the heads up in advance before he proposed, while Faris made it clear there were no hard feelings when she spoke about it on her podcast, Unqualified, and even offered to officiate the wedding.

Then again, even under the best of circumstances, co-parenting after divorce still isn't exactly easy. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly back in April, Pratt admitted that "divorce sucks," even if they were doing a pretty good job at "still being kind to one another." And in a recent episode of Unqualified, Faris opened up about co-parenting with Pratt and said that although the two still have to "work really hard because [they] have Jack," they also "have sort of the luxury of circumstance" that comes with being "in other loving relationships," which no doubt makes it easier than it might be otherwise.

In other words? Pratt and Faris definitely seem focused on doing as best a job as they can, including being open and accepting of each other's partners while still making sure they put their son's needs first. But, just as it was likely unfair for the public to assume their relationship was perfect while they were still married, it's probably also inaccurate to think that their post-divorce lives are easy and effortless.

Though they are clearly trying hard to support one another, it can definitely be tricky when exes inevitably move on. But regardless of any ups and downs, it still seems like Pratt, Faris, and their partners deserve a whole lot of credit for attempting to navigate that with as much kindness and maturity as possible.