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Brace Yourselves, Guys — Chrissy Teigen's 1-Year-Old Son Miles Is Walking Like A Pro

Do you know what's exciting for a parent? When your baby takes their first steps. Do you know what's terrifying for a parent? When your baby takes their first steps. Perhaps especially when it's your second baby since you have a little experience under your belt and you know everything changes from here on in. Just like Chrissy Teigen, who documented her son Miles' walking in a sweet new video and, like many parents, she welcomed this exciting milestone with a curious mixture of joy and a bit of foreboding.

The Bring The Funny host and her husband, musician John Legend, are parents to two kids, 3-year-old daughter Luna and 14-month-old son Miles. While the internet is already pretty well-versed in the antics of their daughter Luna, the sassy queen of pretty much everything, baby Miles has remained a bit of a mystery. Teigen's social media followers have seen photos and videos of the sweet, smiling, seemingly placid little boy just loving life, but it's possible this is about to change. Because, as the Cravings: Hungry For More author shared in a video on Tuesday, Miles is now walking like a pro.

In the video shared on Instagram, Teigen is joined by daughter Luna and dog Penny to cheer on little Miles as he careens around the bathroom. He couldn't look any more excited if he tried, and when he finally walks unassisted away from the tub the group cheers happily (well, except the dog who looks ready to bolt because she probably knows what's coming).

As joyous an occasion as this might be, Teigen's caption of the special moment really hits the nail on the head: "Oh it's f**kin ON we are screwed."

I mean, not to put too fine a point on it but... yes, probably.

These are not technically the first steps Miles has taken, so Teigen was probably able to prepare herself for the impending whirling dervish that is a walking toddler.

On July 23, she posted a short video of Miles taking his first real steps on Twitter, but let's face it he was a lot slower then so there was nothing to worry about. Also it should be noted that Teigen can be heard in the video totally encouraging Miles by saying, "Good job! Go walk!" so she has no one to blame but herself.

Both Teigen and Legend have been waiting for the big milestone for awhile. In June, the EGOT winner told Us Weekly that his son was getting closer to taking some steps all the time. "It’ll be any day now. He’s, like, flirting with it every day, but he hasn’t fully taken a step on his own," he told the magazine last month.

The time has now arrived, which means Miles will be able to start running soon and this means the couple will have two very mobile children in their home. I can tell you from experience this is great and exhausting and frightening and wonderful all at the same time. But at least they know what they're getting into, right?