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Chrissy Teigen Is Having A Hard Time Explaining Easter To Her Kids

It seems like Easter related activities get more and more extravagant each and every year. There are the Olympic-level Easter egg hunts and giant Easter baskets that would make any bunny jealous. But having to explain where all these goods come from to kids is just a bit hard — even celebrity mom Chrissy Teigen knows this to be true. That's right, Chrissy Teigen is having a hard time explaining Easter to her kids, but she luckily has her Twitter followers to help her out.

In a series of tweets on Easter Sunday, Teigen said that she is struggling when it comes to explaining where the fun Easter traditions come from to her two children — 3-year-old daughter, Luna, and 11-month-old son, Miles. Sure, kids love waking up to a basket filled with chocolate bunnies and running around their home and yard on Easter to find a bunch of eggs (preferably filled with candy). But, it's hard to explain where these things come from to inquisitive kids (especially since people Luna's age love to ask questions).

So it's easy for people to understand where Teigen is coming from when she tweeted on Sunday that she needed a little help explaining Easter to her kids.

"Wait, what is the Easter story for kids?," Teigen asked on Twitter. "To lure the bunny? Does the bunny hide the eggs? Do you put something else out to lure the bunny to hide the eggs? Who do kids think hide them? I'm so confused please hurry."

"We gotta simplify this, it makes no sense," Teigen added.

Like most holidays, there is a reason for the season, and it's a religious one. Easter is a Christian holiday (with roots in paganism, according to the Guardian), that celebrates the resurrection of Christ and marks the end of Lent, according to The Sun. But, like most holidays, it is "commercialized." What began as a celebration of Christ has turned in to an excuse to eat as many marshmallow peeps as possible and dye a dozen Easter eggs — not that anyone is complaining.

Luckily, Teigen has her followers, who provided some helpful suggestions for explaining Easter to her kids (and answering their tough questions).

"Stop overthinking it Chrissy and just hide the dang eggs!," one commenter perfectly stated. They have a point. Her kids' questions will likely be silenced once they have a chocolate bunny in their hands.

The most hilarious part? No one can agree on one single explanation for her to go with.

There is a logical reason why people have Easter egg hunts, give their kids Easter baskets, and can't stop talking about the Easter bunny. It was a tradition for Easter feasts to be delivered in baskets to churches to be "blessed by religious leaders," according to ABC News — hence why people make Easter baskets.

Easter egg hunts also date back to hundreds of years. The egg, which is a symbol of life and rebirth, has come to represent Jesus and his resurrection. Egg hunts or egg rolls have no religious significance, according to History, but people have considered this act to be symbolic of the Easter story. As for the bunny — the Bible doesn't mention bunnies, according to The Sun, but is believed to have stemmed from a pagan ritual.

If Teigen wants to try explaining this to her kids, she's more than welcome to. But if she just told her kids that the Easter bunny left them eggs and baskets because the Easter bunny loves them, that would probably work, too.