Chrissy Teigen loves this stage of her kids' lives as toddlers.
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Chrissy Teigen Declares Herself A "Happy Toddler Mom" With Oh-So Cute Video Of Miles

Chrissy Teigen and I have exactly one thing in common other than loving all of the delicious food. We're also big fans of toddlers. Sure, babies are cute and cuddly and pliable and don't really talk back. But I will take a sassy, funny toddler over a quiet, easy baby every day of the week and so will she. Really, Chrissy Teigen loves being a "toddler mom" according to her most recent tweet, so much so that she was able to basically pinpoint exactly when her son Miles became one himself.

The Cravings: Hungry For More cookbook author has two kids with her husband, EGOT-winner John Legend, 3-year-old daughter Luna and 18-month-old son Miles. Now, fans already know that Luna is a sassy little queen in her own right, frequently giving her hilarious mom a run for her money in the comedy department. But now it looks like Miles is coming in hot on Luna's heels as the newest toddler in the family. And Teigen does not find the idea of having two toddlers under one roof daunting in the slightest.

In fact, as she noted in a recent tweet, she is really ready to take on Miles toddler years with gusto. The proud mom shared a video on Instagram of Miles eating some pasta with a plastic fork and yes, OK, he might have sort of stabbed himself in the hand while clapping but altogether he is clearly growing up fast.

Teigen noted in the caption of the video that this week in particular feels like the week her son became a toddler for sure, writing that everything "feels so different!!"

Some people are baby people, some, toddlers. I am a happy toddler mom. thank u and goodbye to baby miles. hello, toddler!" she wrote Instagram.

Teigen shared the same video on Twitter adding that she has been waiting for this to happen and Miles is "finally calling me mommy and almost kind of speaking. And utensil usage ahhh."

Now there might be some parents out there who have lived with more than one toddler under the same roof who are frightened for Teigen. Worried that perhaps she doesn't know just how chaotic life is about to get for her. But don't sweat it, Teigen really loves chaos. She said as much in an interview with Good Housekeeping in May, back when Miles was not quite 1 year old and she was trying to figure out what kind of people her kids were turning into. "They're both discovering their voices right now," she told the magazine. "With Miles, I'm like, 'Is he crying, or is he happy?' It's hard to tell, until you look at his face and you know that he's mostly happy. And then Luna wants a say in things. She's very dramatic. It's like a big show, but it's fun, because they're both a little kooky. I like the chaos."

Embracing chaos is truly the only way to thrive in a two-toddler household, so Chrissy Teigen is a smart cookie. She's not going to get bogged down by keeping everything picture perfect or trying to get her kids to conform. And this is why she is the best.