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Chrissy Teigen Was *1* Minute Late Picking Up Luna & She Was Not Impressed

I don't want to scare Chrissy Teigen or anything but I have a very strong feeling she is going to have her hands full with her daughter Luna. That little girl is only three years old and already she is just clever and funny and tough. Especially tough on her poor mom, it seems, although I suspect Teigen can take it. Because I suspect she takes after her mom, to be honest. For instance, Luna's reaction to being picked up late for school isn't just peak toddler, it's peak Luna. She is in a sassy class all her own, after all.

In case you didn't already know, Luna is the oldest child of Teigen and her EGOT-winner husband John Legend. She is a big sister to 1-year-old little brother Miles, and the star of her parents' social media feeds. Why? Because Luna is already a sassy legend and I'm not just saying that because it's her dad's last name. She has zero tolerance for anyone's nonsense, and perhaps the best part of her attitude is that her parents totally celebrate it as they should. Case in point; Teigen took to Twitter on Thursday to share a situation with Luna at her nursery school where she got a private, vehement scolding from her daughter for being "*1* minute late picking up Luna from school."

It seems Luna held it together when they had an audience in her classroom, the classic sign of a true bossy pants, but the moment she was alone with her mother she started to question her asking, "So why? Why were you so late?"

While this does seem like a total Luna thing to do, other parents shared their own stories of being admonished by their kids for a similar reason on Teigen's Twitter feed. So I guess it's more common than you might think.

At least she didn't say; "That makes you look bad, mom", like mine did the ONE time I was late. Talk about guilt. Sheesh!
I did that and my daughter just dead pan said, "well that was upsetting."
One time I ordered my daughter a taco instead of a quesadilla when she was 4. She still regularly reminds me of this failure. She is 16.

To be fair to Luna here, it's possible she was on a tight schedule herself. For instance, she might have needed to get home quickly to start her side gig giving pedicures to plastic dinosaurs. Although apparently, "He is so cute, but you can never ever touch him." Which seems like it would make her job extra difficult.

Teigen actually had a good excuse for being one entire minute late, as she explained later on Twitter. There appeared to be some sort of cavalcade of cars for important people blocking traffic, and she couldn't get through. Not that Luna will be terribly interested in her answer, if my own history of dealing with toddlers tells me anything at all.

Most toddler just like asking questions, they don't care so much about the answers.