Chrissy Teigen's at-home preschool looks incredible.
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Chrissy Teigen Revealed The Cute Lesson She's Using To Teach Her Kids Their ABCs

Not every parent out there is psyched about distance learning, especially after so many months living through an ongoing pandemic. So if you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or even simply out of good ideas, steal this cute and creative lesson from Chrissy Teigen's at-home preschool curriculum. After all, it includes pizza, so it's fun for everyone.

The Cravings cookbook author is currently pregnant with her third child with husband John Legend, which would be enough to have plenty of people backing away from a home-based preschool. Oh and let's not forget that she was recently on two weeks of bed rest, as she tweeted about in early September, using that time to "learn how to sew capes and kid clothes." But now that Teigen appears to be off bed rest, she's been busy with her at-home preschool for 4-year-old daughter Luna and 2-year-old son Miles. And it honestly sounds like a school I'm prepared to join if only for the snacks.

Over the weekend, Teigen shared photos of her kids in their at-home preschool and revealed that they choose a letter each week and dedicate everything they're doing to that letter. Last week was the letter "P," as she explained on Instagram.

"Every Friday, our little home preschool of 6 has a theme," she wrote on Instagram. "For the day, they learn about a certain letter, dress like the letter and learn to cook something with that letter! Friday was Pajamas and Pizza for our ppppprecocious bunch and it was tooooo cute. Looking forward to teaching our little superheroes to make sushi next week!"

Social media users were impressed with this simple, creative way to get kids learning their letters, taking to Teigen's post to write messages like, "Love this sooo much! Project based learning is the best! So engaging and really makes the babies love learning without them realizing they’re learning," and "This is amazing! It brings quality time to a whole different level!!! What an incredible mum you are!"

As if Teigen wasn't busy enough with being pregnant and setting up an at-home preschool for two kids under 4, she and Legend have also put their house on the market (and you can see the gorgeous photos here). Which meant that, as Teigen wrote in a later post, "that amazing school I built in our house had to be up and moved in one night to a rental as we moved out to show it! So now their classroom is equipped with the rental’s wine cellar lol."

Luna and Miles are lucky kids. They have a mom who knows how to create fun and easy ways to make learning interesting. And she is a food lover, so you know there will always be snacks involved. Can't wait until sushi next week.