Chrissy Teigen's daughter Luna has no problem being honest with a friend.
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Luna Stephens Is The Honest Friend We All Need & This Hilarious Video Is Proof

Sometimes a girl needs a friend who is going to tell her the truth. Brutal honesty is a virtue, even if it's not always terribly welcome. Even if it's coming from a straight-faced toddler like little Luna Stephens, who is quickly becoming the truth-telling friend everyone really needs. For example, Chrissy Teigen shared a video of her daughter Luna telling her friend she was using "too much makeup" and, truly, this is the kind of friend we've all needed at some point.

As all of Teigen's millions of social media followers are well aware, her 3-year-old daughter Luna, whom she shares with husband John Legend, is full to the eyebrows with strong personality traits. Luna is sassy and charismatic and all about authenticity. Yes, alright, I'm sure it can be a bit difficult for her family and friends to deal with her forthrightness every once in awhile. But Luna can't seem to help being exactly herself at all times. So when one of her fellow toddler pals was recently going a little heavy on the sparkle makeup (as we've all done once before), Luna took the opportunity to let her know she was going too far. Over and over again.

In a video Teigen shared on Instagram and captioned "2020 is all about honesty," Luna is simply trying to save her friend from a potentially bad cosmetics situation.

In the video that she shared on Wednesday night, both little girls appear to be wearing princess dresses and crowns, so this presumably means they're on the same style page. But while Luna favors a more fresh-faced look to accompany her princess gown, her little friend is going for something more glitz and glam. Think layers and layers of sparkle blush and lipstick. Luna tells her it's too much. Because this is what good friends do for each other.

This isn't the first time Luna has shared her strong feelings, of course. Remember the time her parents called her "cute" and she set them straight. She has zero interest in being "cute" apparently. That descriptor is only for her 1-year-old brother Miles. Luna considers herself "beautiful" and don't anyone forget it, please.

While Luna might pride herself on being honest with her opinions with her friends, that doesn't mean she won't lie right to her mom's face every once in awhile. Like that time back in early December when she fooled her mother into thinking she was "too sick to go to school" and, as Teigen noted in Twitter, she looked just fine.

This is another hallmark of an excellent friend, in my opinion. Not only will she tell you you're wearing too much makeup, but she's also willing lie to get out of going places to hang out at home. What a great combination.