Chrissy Teigen has figured out the best parenting words for toddlers.
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I'm Pretty Sure You, Me & Chrissy Teigen All Say The Same Words When Our Kids Tumble

Chrissy Teigen is a mom of two mobile children now and she has brought attention to something deeply important about parenting. A hack, if you will, a saying that so many parents use and don't realize we use but it's always there in the background nonetheless. But now that Teigen has shared her "favorite parenting words" with her millions of followers, people are starting to realize this might be the secret to the whole thing. Bless that woman for shedding a little light on the subject.

The Cravings: Hungry For More cookbook author is mom to 3-year-old daughter Luna and 1-year-old son Miles with her EGOT-winning husband John Legend. Her social media accounts have become something akin to parenting diaries, with her children as the main event. While there might have been a time when her sassy daughter Luna took the prize as most entertaining, her little boy Miles is certainly giving her a run for her money these days. Not necessarily for anything he has said, but because his mom is having some pretty delightful "A-ha" moments with him along the way.

On Thursday, for instance, Teigen shared a photo of Miles on Instagram after an apparent tumble, which happens when kids are first starting to walk, of course. She captioned the photo, "favorite parenting words: 'you’re okay you’re okay,'" and parents all over the internet felt deeply seen all of the sudden.

If you are a parent and reading this I can almost guarantee that you're picturing yourself saying these words when your little one stumbles. There tends to be something of a pause after a slight fall when they wait for your reaction. When they're trying to decide exactly how upset they're meant to be. You're okay, you're okay is the mantra parents use to teach kids that they really are okay, as Make The First Five Count noted, especially in those early days of walking when falling is an hourly part of their lives. Certainly plenty of parents took to Teigen's Instagram to share their own relationship with these parenting words.

"My daughter now responds with 'I’m okay' out loud when anything happens," one follower shared, while another said, "Haha yes! I would always say 'you’re good, you’re fine' before I knew if they really were."

And one social media user noted that this tends to be more of a second kid attitude rather than one for first kids: "By the second kid that was definitely my favorite parenting word."

There are some definite advantages to being the second child. Your parents are presumably more relaxed than they were with the first kid. You get good hand-me-downs and also a built-in pal in your older sibling if you're lucky. The down side? You're probably not going to get much sympathy if you take a little tumble. Because you're okay, you're okay.