Chrissy Teigen revealed in an Instagram post that her friends donated blood in honor of her son, Jac...
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Chrissy Teigen Is "Overwhelmed" With Love After Her Friends Donated Blood To Honor Jack

by Casey Suglia

After announcing the heartbreaking news that they lost their third child, a son named Jack, due to pregnancy complications at 20 weeks, people from all over have been sending their love and condolences to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. And some of Teigen's friends took action by donating blood in memory of Jack.

In late September, Teigen had been hospitalized for heavy bleeding during her pregnancy with Jack. At the time, she shared on social media that she had received two blood transfusions, which she described as like an IV "but, instead of fluids, the blood of some kind human being out there." Two days later, Teigen sadly announced the devastating news that she lost her baby.

Friends of Teigen are now among the "kind human beings" who help make those blood transfusions possible. The Cravings cookbook author took to Instagram on Monday to share that her friend, Kimmie Kyees, a celebrity manicurist in Los Angeles, along with six others donated blood to replace the seven pints that Teigen was given at the hospital "in honor of baby Jack."

"Phewwww the tears," she wrote on Instagram, while sharing photos Kyees and her friends donating blood. "I'm overwhelmed by our circle of friends. The love I feel for each and every person in our circle actually makes me ache."

In late October, Teigen penned an essay on Medium detailing what led to her getting hospitalized. "Finally, I had a pretty bad night in bed, after a not-so-great ultrasound, where I was bleeding a bit more than the abnormal amount," she wrote. "My bleeding was getting heavier and heavier."

Once they were at the hospital, the bleeding continued. "We had tried bags and bags of blood transfusions, every single one going right through me like we hadn't done anything at all," she added.

Teigen wrote on Instagram that volunteers had told her friends that blood donations are down due to the current coronavirus pandemic. Gail McGovern, CEO of the American Red Cross, confirmed this to CBS News over the summer, saying that the pandemic has "really made it difficult for us to collect blood the way we normally do." Adding that this is because "so many blood drives are getting canceled... Businesses are closed, universities are closed. All the places that we normally collect blood have closed down. Only 20% of the blood that we collect are at Red Cross sites."

If you, too, would like to donate blood, you can find a local donation site on Red Cross' website.

"Kimmie, I love you," Teigen concluded her Instagram post. "I love this. I am so proud of the people I surround myself and my family with."