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Someone Tried To Shame Luna's Hair & Chrissy Teigen Was Having None Of It

Chrissy Teigen's clapback comments to critics are legendary. So, truly, is it any wonder that when this social media legend-turned-mama-turned-entrepreneur got some negative comments on her feed about her kid's hair, she made sure that the troll in question totally got served? No. No it is not. Chrissy Teigen's latest mom-shaming response to a comment regarding daughter Luna's hair is proof that when you come for this family, you better be prepared.

It all started, according to USA Today, when Teigen posted a fun video in which she and Luna were negotiating for candy. Teigen starts by offering one piece of candy to Luna, sitting next to daddy John Legend in the clip, which you can see for yourself on Teigen's feed on Instagram.

The cute part of, course, came when Luna started counter-offering by asking mom for three pieces of candy, not just one, in a very lawyer-like fashion. By the time the pair landed on a compromise of two pieces, the internet was all over itself on account of the adorable-ness. "My heart," wrote one fan. "Why go to law school when you can learn the art of negotiation from Luna!" added another.

That is, until a naysayer got in the picture.

"Finally someone Brushed her Hair 🤣😂," wrote one Slayer of Happiness.

Which was awfully unwise, considering who this disgruntled person was dealing with. This is Chrissy Teigen, after all, who built up an empire that now includes a line of kitchen goods, cookbooks and, soon, her very own branded website, basically on the strength of her witty comebacks.

"All by herself! maybe she can come do your make up," Teigen replied, which USA Today couldn't help but reprint in big letters.

I've never understood fans who feel they can make rude comments about people (and children!) they don't, you know, know. And Teigen is no stranger to this particular brand of mom-shaming. The star has been shamed about every single parenting decision she has made, from her choice to undergo IVF to even become a mom, to her son, Miles, wearing a helmet to help correct a flat spot on his head.

They say moms can't win, but when you're an uber-famous mom that statements seems to even more true. Thankfully, we can all draw from Teigen's "take no prisoners" attitude, because she is having absolutely none of it.

Of course, this particular commenter also had Teigen's fans to reckon with. "I love @chrissyteigen all days but today is platinum level with this content and comment clap back," wrote one approving user. "Everyone knows you are literally undefeated with the clap back. I don’t know why people insist on trying you," commented another fan, directly to Chrissy.

It's true. You don't mess with the best. And Teigen is undefeated when it comes to her caustic comments — which, for the record, only make an appearance when people come for her, her marriage, or her children.

"I get very passionate and loud," Teigen, mom of two, told Good Housekeeping earlier this year about her argument style. "I've learned to listen to what the other person is upset about and try to make sure that I'm doing everything to not let that same, dumb fight happen again."

Just don't ask her to remain quite so polite when someone is all about bashing her kids. Because that's just not cool. So bring on more of this kind of direct reply, I say. Maybe people on social media will learn to mind their manners. I can dream, can't I?