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Chrissy Teigen's Luna Story Has Parents Sharing How Their Kids Melt Them Into Mush

I'm starting to realize Chrissy Teigen's social media updates about her family are something special. I used to think she was just sort of sharing slice of life moments that happened on a regular basis in her happy home, and trust me I have no problem with this at all. But now I think she shares these stories, inadvertently or otherwise, as a way of connecting parents to each other. For instance, Chrissy Teigen's sweet story about Luna that she recently shared on Twitter has prompted parents all across the internet to share their own heartwarming tales about their children. About times they felt loved and seen and appreciated by their little ones. It was a beautiful thing, and it might not have happened if the Cravings author hadn't gotten that love ball rolling.

Teigen and her musician husband John Legend are parents to 3-year-old daughter Luna and 1-year-old son Miles. While both parents have a whole lot to celebrate in their careers, the part of their lives they tend to celebrate the most on social media is their family. The life they have built together with their children, their dogs, and of course Teigen's mom Vilailuck (who lives with the family).

Sure, the busy mom might frequently take to Twitter to share some of her daughter's sassiest moments, and obviously everyone loves a sassy moment from Luna. But on Tuesday evening she shared a story that was the furthest thing from sassy you can imagine. It was simply Luna loving her mom, and that's worth celebrating every day of the week. It seems Luna bought herself a locket and asked her mom to "put a kiss in and close it fast so the kiss doesn't leave," and yes that is probably the sweetest thing you've ever read. Or as Teigen put it, "F*********ck. My heart."

Although other parents took to Twitter to share their own sweet stories, scrolling through these few below was my feel good moment of the day.

Lockets Are For Kisses

Luna wasn't the only little one who came up with the idea to keep her mom's kisses in a locket. Another social media user shared the story of her daughter, who puts her own kisses in a locket for her mom that she "reloads" every week.

So Much Love

Sometimes as parents we can feel like all of the love we feel for our kids is one-sided. According to several tweets on Teigen's feed, like this one above, our kids love us so much they can barely figure out how to put it into words. As on Twitter user shared, "My daughter when she was little told me every night ..she loved me so much her eyes could pop... hahaha."

Magnetic Bonds Keep Us Together

That love kids feel for their parents can sometimes come out as slightly possessive it seems. One little girl made it clear to her mom that she felt her dad could go ahead and sleep alone so they would never have to sleep apart again. "The other night when I laid with My little one for a bit she told me that our hearts were made of magnets and we can’t ever leave each other or they’ll break," she wrote on Twitter. "I said of course I’d never leave her ever! And then she said 'ok, Dad can sleep alone.'"

Sweet and spicy, my favorite.

Next-Level Honesty

Now before we all go waxing poetic about how incredibly sweet and pure all children are, one social media user offered a gentle dose of reality. "I’m jealous of parents whose kids do sweet things like this," she wrote. "My daughter just tells me that what she likes most about me is that I put stuff away then can’t remember where I put it." Her kid isn't being unkind, of course, just getting real in that way that kids are pretty much always real.

Even this story is sweet if only because her daughter is paying attention. And I suppose that's the whole point of Teigen's tweet, isn't it? It's a reminder that our kids see us and feel how much they're loved, even when we aren't in the room. All they need is a locket to hold all of our kisses.