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Parents Are Loving Chrissy Teigen's Tweets About Her Trip To The Library With Luna

I'm not trying to brag or anything, but it turns out I might know a little more than Chrissy Teigen about one thing. Sure, she might be more famous, more interesting, more beautiful, and also taller than me — I'll give her that — but, as it turns out, I was hanging out at the library for years before she did with her daughter. As Chrissy Teigen tweeted recently, she visited the library with her daughter Luna and her followers are loving the wholesomeness of their entire experience.

On Wednesday, Aug. 7, Teigen took to Twitter to share her excitement about visiting a library after a bit of a hiatus — a 23-year hiatus, to be exact. As Teigen explained in her enthusiastic tweet, she could "not believe" her eyes; the Cravings: Hungry For More cookbook author was wise enough to partake in group storytelling with her 3-year-old daughter Luna, and also managed to run around and hide in "nooks and crannies" with her daughter. I guess she wasn't at one of those libraries where they shush you, so that's great. Not that anyone would dare shush Luna, sassy queen of the internet, of course.

The excited mom also found inspiration in "1 million cookbooks," which is certainly good news for the rest of us if she plans on publishing a third cookbook.

All in all, it seems as though it was a day of wondrous possibility for the Bring The Funny host, which she called a "delight" in another tweet. She was even enchanted by the fact that the library staff allowed her to walk in and walk out like it was no big deal.

"I walked in and was like 'wait you can just....walk in?' then I walked out and was like 'wait you can just...walk out?'" she shared on Twitter.

It might seem a bit strange that Teigen hasn't visited a library in 23 years, but other parents and adults took to her Twitter feed to admit they had forgotten just how magical the library can be themselves.

I suspect that it's easy to forget about libraries when you're a celebrity mom. There are so many other amazing things you can be doing with your kids (like taking them for a sun-soaked holiday to Italy, for instance), that the simple pleasure of an afternoon at the library could drift by, forgotten.

But I'm so glad Chrissy Teigen had the chance to rediscover her local library with her daughter, and presumably eventually with her 1-year-old son Miles. After all, a visit to your local library will most certainly give your hours of joy you might never have expected, especially if you are looking to entertain kids. And beyond the more obvious library perks of rows and rows of undiscovered books for you and your little one, there also tend to be story time programs (where you can sit back and relax while someone else reads to your kids... heaven), and excellent recommendations from librarians who have probably read way more books than you.

Really, a rainy afternoon curled up with books at the library with your kids is a universal pleasure everyone should experience. No matter who you are.