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Chrissy Teigen Shared The Purest Video Of Luna & Miles "Finally Playing Together"

Do you know what's great about having more than one kid? Built-in playmates. I have often found that taking care of one kid is sometimes way harder because you have to work so hard to keep them entertained. But two kids? That's when the magic can happen. If, that is, those kids are willing to participate. Sometimes it's tough when you have a new baby and the kids are just too far apart in age. Fortunately babies grow up, and you can cross your fingers that the age gap will get smaller. For example, Chrissy Teigen's video of Miles and Luna "finally playing together" proves patience is a virtue, and also 8-month-old Miles in a baby helmet is probably my favorite thing on this planet, if you don't include 2-year-old Luna's adorable voice.

The Cravings: Hungry For More author has a reputation for being hilariously open about her whole life, including her family. She and EGOT-winner husband John Legend are almost as famous for being parents to daughter Luna and son Miles as they are for their actual careers, perhaps because their adorable kids are so watchable.

Take Teigen's most recent video she shared on Instagram, for instance. In it, Luna is playing with a toy and gradually allows Miles to join in her game. Before you watch this video, please note that little Miles appears to have highly styled hair sticking out at the top of his helmet, which he wears to correct his "adorable, slightly misshapen head," Teigen previously said, according to People.

Do you see it? The little spikes at the top? I can't even.

Teigen captioned the video of her two barefooted little ones bonding, "finally playing together!!"

Obviously fans loved it and shared their love on her Instagram page. One person wrote, "It’s the best when they actually start playing together."

Another said, "Oh wow..can’t wait for my two to do this."

"Luna is so sweet sharing & helping her little brother aww," yet another chimed in.

I wish I could tell her how much easier/so much worse her life as a parent is going to get from here on in. Because as all parents know, sometimes they love each other and family life is sunshine and roses. Then other times... well, Chrissy Teigen will find out soon enough. Why not let her enjoy this moment?

Exhibit A: Luna's face in this picture from Teigen's Instagram in December.

To be fair to Luna, she seems to put the time in with her brother even if he's still a little stale in the walking and talking department.

And Luna is certainly willing to jump in and help Miles drink from his bottle, as long as he's willing to "hold it with two hands, Miles" as she is so clearly instructing in this video from November, according to PopSugar.

If you take only one thing away from the internet today, let it be this — Luna and Miles are amazing. And I think they're going to be exponentially more fun as they get older and start playing together more. I can't wait for the videos. Please don't judge me.