There's Nothing Like Christmas Romantic Comedies To Get You Through A Breakup

Christmas isn't necessarily a romantic holiday to rival Valentine's Day, but it does have a certain air about it that makes you want to have someone to cuddle with in front of a crackling fire. It certainly doesn't help that romantic TV Christmas movies are suddenly *the* thing to watch during the holiday season. But there are a few choice Christmas romantic comedies to get you through a holiday breakup if that's what you need. Or maybe you just love romantic Christmas comedies, and I can't really fault anyone for that. Where kids might have their Rudolph or Frosty the Snowman holiday staples, made-for-TV Christmas romance movies are now the thing for grownups to watch during the holidays.

Sometimes, these movies can give you hope that there's more love out there and more fish in the sea of awful dates and awkward Tinder encounters. And nine times out of 10, the heroine in romantic Christmas comedies has been through what you're going through. So you can live vicariously through her triumphs as you mourn the loss of a relationship during the holiday season.

Like the upcoming LeAnn Rimes Hallmark movie, It's Christmas, Eve, for example, about a music teacher and superintendent who are neighbors and seem unlikely to fall in love but obviously do. Or Netflix's Merry Kissmas, about a woman who has to go through plenty of terrible relationships before she finds the right one. It's almost actually realistic in that way — imagine that. It's no fun to suddenly be without a significant other during the holidays and sometimes, all you need is the right Christmas romantic comedy to help you through it.

A Holiday Engagement

Right before a woman is due to return home for Thanksgiving, her fiancé breaks up with her. Instead of telling her family about the breakup, she does the only thing she can and hires someone to pose as her fiancé in his place. Of course the faux couple probably fall in love, but it’s definitely that first part that anyone going through a holiday breakup can relate to on a real level. And you can watch it on Netflix right now.

Just Friends

You don't have to care about love or relationships to appreciate Just Friends. The 2005 romantic comedy stars Ryan Reynolds as a cynical man who goes home for the holidays after becoming a success and losing weight and tries to woo his high school crush and former BFF. Things go from bad to worse for him, but it's all nothing short of hilarious. You can rent or buy it on Amazon Prime.

Christmas Pen Pals

Sarah Drew (recently departed April from Grey’s Anatomy) plays a woman who’s just gone through a terrible pre-Christmas breakup and returns home for the holidays to work through it. Upon returning to her hometown, she reconnects with her high school boyfriend and I’m sure all kinds of will they/won't they hijinks ensue. It premieres on Lifetime on Dec. 15 at 8 p.m. ET.

A Very Nutty Christmas

Melissa Joan Hart plays a bakery owner whose boyfriend breaks up with her in the midst of the busy holiday season. When she wakes up the morning after hanging her Christmas tree decorations, she finds a human and life-sized version of a nutcracker prince in her living room. Does she fall in love with this magical potential suitor? My money's on yes, but A Very Nutty Christmas premieres on Lifetime on Nov. 30 at 8 p.m. ET.

Love Actually

Love Actually follows eight different couples as they navigate their relationships and the holidays in the weeks leading up to Christmas. As far as classic romantic Christmas comedies go, this may be one of the bigger ones that people tend to watch year after year. And the best part is that you can watch it on Netflix.

Merry Kissmas

Merry Kissmas doesn't start off with a breakup, but when Kayla starts to have doubts about her obviously ill-matched fiancé, things are made more complicated when she kisses a stranger and sparks fly. The movie came out a few years ago, but you can still watch it on Netflix.

The Holiday Calendar

The Holiday Calendar is another Netflix Original and stars Kat Graham as a photographer who inherits an advent calendar which may have the ability to predict her future. And yes, this means it brings her closer to a potential romance. You can stream it right now on Netflix.

My Christmas Prince

At some point, most kids have dreamed about marrying royalty and My Christmas Prince gives fan service to that fantasy like so many other Christmas romantic comedies. In this one, when a woman returns to her hometown for Christmas with her boyfriend and others recognize him as a womanizing prince, he has to convince her that he truly does love her. It definitely gives off gushy vibes, but sometimes it’s the hope you need. The Lifetime movie premiered in 2017 and it's available on Amazon Prime now.

The Holiday

When Iris and Amanda, who've both gone through awful breakups in their respective countries, decide to switch homes for the holidays, they do so with the intention of getting a break from everything. Instead, Iris finds love with an unexpected stranger and Amanda falls for Iris' charming brother. It's all pretty adorable and you can watch it on Amazon Prime.

Christmas Inheritance

An heiress has to deliver a special Christmas card to her father's former business partner in the romantic town of Snow Falls before she can officially inherit the family business. When a snowstorm strands her in town, she's forced to interact with the locals, which may or may not include a love interest. Christmas Inheritance came out on Netflix last year, but it's still available for streaming.

It's Christmas, Eve

LeAnn Rimes stars in this Hallmark Christmas romance about a superintendent and music teacher who are neighbors and just might become more. And for anyone going through a breakup, it might be hopeful to see someone finding love in an unlikely place. It’s Christmas, Eve premieres on the Hallmark Channel on Dec. 1 at 4 p.m. ET.

I'm not saying you need to be in a relationship over the holidays or that it should be the be all/end all of having a good Christmas. But if you're going through a breakup right when the holiday season is kicking off, it’s not easy. Thankfully, there will never be a shortage of romantic comedy Christmas movies on TV and streaming platforms to help you through it.

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