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Clues Ezra Is Actually A.D. On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Who is A.D.? It's been a question that's been plaguing the minds of Pretty Little Liars fans since Season 6 and the answer is almost here. However, until the truth is actually revealed, fans will continue to theorize about who the mastermind is behind the Liars' most recent forms of tormenting. One prime suspect is Aria's fiancé Ezra. Though Ezra has already been used as a red herring before, that doesn't mean he couldn't be A.D. in the end. In fact, there are plenty of clues Ezra is A.D. on Pretty Little Liars.

Ezra has always been a controversial character on the show. Or, at least, in regards to his relationship with Aria. As her teacher, many fans were uncomfortable with the couple's relationship, however, most fans have since moved past it and "Ezria" is one of the more popular ships on the show. However, Ezra again disappointed fans when it was revealed he initially started dating Aria because he was using her, and her friends, as the basis of a book he was writing about Ali — who he knew prior to meeting Aria. But once again, fans moved past it.

Now though, fans are worried that Ezra will break their hearts again because he really is A.D. Below are some of the clues that have led viewers to suspect this character of some serious wrong doing.

He Has Motive


Ezra has a longstanding history with Alison, beginning with when she ultimately rejected him. Though he seemingly has no ill will toward her, it could be that he's just pretending in order to gain the Liars' trust and exact revenge.

He Has A Bad Temper

Ezra's usually keeps his anger in check, but there's been a few times when he's had violent outbursts. Maybe these slip ups were the moments he let his real A.D. side show.

He's Great At Surveillance

Ezra did a lot of research into the Liars for his book. He was basically a stalker and even had a lair, just like A.D. does now. Coincidence? Maybe not.

He's Always M.I.A.

Sure, maybe he really was visiting Nicole all of those times he was absent. Or, he was actually off doing some A.D. work and just wanted to make sure no one would come looking for him.

He's Gained Everyone's Trust

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Despite all the shady things Ezra has done, everyone trusts him. He's become friends with all the guys in the group, he tutored Emily, and obviously he's romantically involved with Aria. What if he only gained their trust so he could betray them all later?

A.D. Goes Easy on Aria

Aria's the only one of the Liars that got a free pass from the board game. Sure, she had to do some shady stuff for A.D., but it wasn't anything too difficult. Plus, A.D.'s blackmail was something that Ezra wasn't even upset about. Probably because he already knew about it long ago.

He's Been There Since The Very Beginning

Whoever A.D. is, they know the Liars well and they've known them for a while. Plus, A.D.'s working with Jenna and Sydney and you know who could've gotten close to them? Their former teacher.

You can find out if Ezra really is A.D. when Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.