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Demi Went Home On 'The Bachelor' & Fans Weren't Ready To Say Goodbye

by Chrissy Bobic

So far on The Bachelor this season, Demi's behavior has paid off for her. She's managed to get other women sent home ahead of her and every time she has been with Colton, they seemed to grow closer together. So it wasn't only surprising when Colton sent Demi home on The Bachelor tonight, but her fans were not happy. She has been the open and honest treasure this season needed and usually, those qualities in a contestant either get them far or get them sent home early.

In this case, Demi went pretty far, but I expected her to at least make it to hometown dates. Unfortunately, Demi's latest attempt at snagging some alone time with Colton resulted in him admitting that his feelings for her weren't strong enough to keep her around. He has every right to send her home at any time, especially if he's sure that their relationship isn't going anywhere, but it was still hard to watch.

As much as The Bachelor tried to give Demi in the "villain" edit this season, she has a growing fanbase who weren't ready to see her go. And honestly, I don't blame them. Say what you will about Demi's methods in trying to sway Colton's mind in sending other women home ahead of her, but there was obviously something between them that got her this far. Sadly, though, this is where Demi's Bachelor train ends.

After Demi was passed over for yet another one-on-one date, she took it upon herself to visit Colton in his private hotel room. Instead of getting a makeshift date with him, however, her time on The Bachelor ended right there. It was unexpected, especially since until this point, Demi seemed like a sure frontrunner. I don't know if I expected her to get to final two, but she laid some heavy groundwork for a solid future this season. It was definitely out of left field and proved that Colton is not here to play.

Just because Demi was sent home, however, it doesn't mean that this is the last we've seen of her. She could go on to be part of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 cast this summer. Although the cast hasn't yet been announced, and likely won't be until after The Bachelorette airs this spring, Demi is bound to show up as a contestant ready to steal the show again.

Judging by her Instagram, Demi is still close to some of the other women from Colton's season of The Bachelor, so it would make sense for her to continue her Bachelor Nation journey with some of them in Paradise. And the amount of time between when The Bachelor finished filming in November and when Bachelor in Paradise starts filming in the summer should be enough to get over the breakup.

Throughput the season, Demi has remained true to herself and worn her heart on her sleeve. If that meant ruffling some feathers and making enemies, Demi didn't seem to care. Maybe that's part of the reason why she and Colton didn't make as mutual of a connection as she had hoped. It's probably easy to get into your own head in that atmosphere, and in the end, Colton just wasn't on the same level as Demi. At least all of the Demi stans out there love her back when Colton couldn't.

The good news is that Demi stans still want more Demi, so I have a feeling she will be back on another show on the franchise. I doubt she'll be picked for The Bachelorette, if only because she didn't get as far as the typical Bachelorette lead does, but Bachelor in Paradise is basically calling her name at this point.