Paul Hebert/ABC

Connor & Lincoln's 'Bachelorette' Feud Has Fans Pissed

by Chrissy Bobic

On The Bachelorette Monday night, fans finally got a glimpse of the first feud this season between contestants Connor Obrochta and Lincoln Adim. After Connor tossed Lincoln's framed photo of himself and Becca Kufrin out of a Bachelor Mansion window, it prompted Lincoln to go to the Bachelorette herself and seek counsel. And now, Connor and Lincoln's feud has Bachelorette fans torn.

On the one hand, Lincoln may have overreacted to Connor's mistreatment of his framed photo, but in the other hand, the tantrum Connor threw because of his own jealousy was pretty off-putting. Understandably, Bachelorette fans don't quite know who is the lesser of two kind of sort of evils. After the incident, Lincoln went right to Becca, as every feuding contestant ever has in the history of the franchise, and she assured him that she would talk to Connor about what had happened. Afterward, it was unclear where either man stood with her for certain, but from there, Connor and Lincoln's feud became even more real and it was officially the first one of the season so far.

Honestly, I could have been swayed to just side with Lincoln on this one, but then he got super emotional about it and while there's nothing wrong with emotions running high on The Bachelorette, it probably wasn't that serious. But also Connor kind of sucks for what he did. Clearly, it's hard to figure out whose side to take in this feud.

Somehow, there are some fans who are totally Team Connor and wish that things would have escalated even more than simply tossing that framed picture and Lincoln telling Becca about the incident.

There are also Bachelorette fans who are kind of living for the drama between the two contestants. Dare I say that they could be the ones to go on the first two-on-one of the season? Maybe it's too soon to tell, but even so, fans on Twitter already can't get enough of the drama between Lincoln and Connor since this is The Bachelorette after all. Besides watching people fall in love, the juiciness of feuding contestants is what it's all about.

Since Lincoln already stole some hearts ahead of The Bachelorette season premiere, though, some fans are behind him completely in this particular matter. Nevermind that he may have reacted sensitively to Connor's actions, it was still an unexpected and arguably irrational way to react to Lincoln showing off the fact that he won the first competition.

Then, there are the fans who are actually already over both Lincoln and Connor thanks to their newfound feud. Both of the men's behavior wasn't exactly cool, but some Bachelorette fans are ready for Becca to axe them both. I don't know what the right move is at this point, but if they have more interactions like their initial argument after Lincoln won the group date competition, their respective futures this season are going to look pretty grim.

If both Lincoln and Connor last beyond week two on The Bachelorette this season, it's going to be both amazing and frustrating to watch their feud continue to grow. That is, if there is to be more pettiness between them, but it's safe to say that the pettiness will continue if the producers have anything to say about it. Usually contestants don't become BFFs after not getting along early in the season, so unless Lincoln or Connor goes home soon, then I'm sure we can expect some more of the same of their feud. If Monday night was any indication, it's going to be hard for fans to either choose who to root for or root for either of them at all.