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'The Bachelor's Corinne Has Great Selfie Game

There’s no getting around the fact that Corinne is the house villain of Season 21 of The Bachelor. Even if it’s just because she’s one of those strong types of contestants who knows what she wants and isn’t there to make friends, Corinne is the resident bad girl this season. And Corinne’s Instagram photos prove that this Bachelor contestant’s selfie game is on point. Most of the time, when there is a Bachelor or Bachelorette contestant who also does modeling on the side, their social media profiles are full of evidence of that. So it’s really no surprise that Corinne, who runs her family’s multi-million dollar business, is also a model in her free time. So of course Corinne’s Instagram shows how hard the Bachelor contestant works in front of the camera at all times.

Corinne runs her family’s online business, but according to Model Mayhem, she’s been in the modeling business for a few years now and specializes in acting, fitness, lingerie, glamour, and swimwear. Obviously, then, she’s got the right angles and facial expressions down like no other, but anyone can take a front-facing camera and click away. Somehow, Corinne’s Instagram is full of the kinds of selfies that put Kim Kardashian’s to shame. Well, almost.

She’s Definitely Perfected The Mirror Selfie

Honestly, I probably stopped doing mirror selfies when the front-facing camera was invented, but somehow, Corinne makes those MySpace mirror selfies look relevant again. Being a model probably gives you a certain knowledge about taking the best photos yourself, but those mirror selfies she’s posted on Instagram make the Bachelor contestant stand out even more.

She Knows How To Use The Right Filters

Though she already seems to have flawless skin (kind of unfair, by the way) she obviously still knows how to equally work those filters that help to enhance her already natural beauty.

She Doesn’t Even Need Makeup

She’s also mastered the whole sweat pants, hair-tie, no-makeup-on thing like a boss. OK, so maybe she’s still dressed in fitted outfits and her hair is down in an abundance of beachy waves, but when Corinne isn’t using filters for her Instagram images, she’s sometimes going natural all the way and it’s pretty refreshing.

You Almost Forgive Her For Doing The Duck Face

Even Corinne is guilty of throwing up the old duck face in a few of her Instagram photos and for all of the other masterful posts, she gets a free pass for these. Still, it proves that not everyone is perfect, even the apparent selfie queen.

And She Seems Totally Fine Sharing The Selfie Spotlight

Whether she’s sharing her selfie (making it more of an “ussie”) with her dog, family, or friends, Corinne seems to be more than willing to share the spotlight when it comes to her selfies. But, of course, there are still tons of photos where she is riding solo and looking happy to do so.

Corinne on The Bachelor is kind of Season 21’s villain, whether she meant to give off that persona or not. On the one hand, she’s just being herself and looking out for herself, like every woman should be doing. But on the other hand, making enemies left and right is going to make for some awkward downtime in the mansion. But regardless to how hated she becomes among the fellow contestants, there's no denying that her selfie game is top-notch.