Oh. My. God. Could This 'Friends' Milestone Blanket *Be* Any Cuter?

I completely missed out on the whole craze of taking adorable monthly photos of my babies to post on social media. In my new mom haze, I just never got around to it. However, if I could go back in time, I would most definitely use this Friends milestone blanket as the background for each and every monthly photo of both my boys.

If you zoned out in front of Friends re-runs to quell your pregnancy insomnia, sing Smelly Cat as a lullaby, and repeatedly tell everyone you're "fiiiiine" like Ross despite being completely in over your head as a new parent, snagging one of these Friends milestone blankets from BATZkids is a no-brainer.

The family-owned company was created by a mom of three boys after she created a blanket to take her oldest son's monthly milestone pictures on. The shop's milestone blankets range from a classic design with 12 numbers (one for each month of your baby's first year) in a fancy script to themed blankets featuring nods to Star Wars and Harry Potter, but the Friends-themed milestone blanket truly makes me want to let out a huge Janice-style "Oh. My. God."

From top to bottom, this blanket is absolutely perfect for Friends fanatics. The top of the blanket reads "Could I be any cuter?" in the show's iconic script that you know and love. (Of course, you have to read out loud in Chandler's voice.)

The title of each episode of Friends begins with the phrase "The one where... " so it's only fitting that this milestone blanket marks your baby's monthly photo with the same line, but with your baby's name inserted. When you place your order, simply add your baby's name in the comments section of your shopping cart to make sure it's printed correctly on the blanket.

Each month, you can snap a pic of your baby lying in the middle of the same frame that hung on Monica's apartment door on the show. (And reminisce about how sad you were when the series ended by zooming in on that very frame.) You'll have to use something to circle the appropriate month on either side of your baby, but that could also easily be done with some photo editing.

Just imagine of all of the hilarious captions you could post on social media to accompany the photos of your babe on a Friends-themed blanket every month. When your baby shoots a slightly gassy grin during your photoshoot, perhaps "They don't know that we know that they know that we know" could work? Or the month your baby finally starts enjoying eating solid food, you could go with "Joey doesn't share food, and neither does this baby." The options are truly endless.

The blanket is available in three sizes — small 40" by 30", medium 60" x 50", and large 80" x 60" — so you can choose which size works best for you. Blanket prices range from $44 to $80 (less money than five steaks and an eggplant) depending on which size you choose. You can also choose from either a plain white background or a vibrant purple that matches the walls of Monica's apartment.

Made from a lightweight, micro-fiber fleece material, the blanket is as soft and cozy. It is also machine washable for the inevitable spit up or diaper blowout that will inevitably happen over your baby's first year of life. Your baby won't know how to pivot yet, so those messes are bound to happen.

The Friends reunion special may still be a few months away, but fans with babies can celebrate the show in a whole new way with this Friends-themed milestone blanket. It will be there for you when the rain starts to pour.