Get 'Em Right Meow: 10 Ridiculously Cute Halloween Costumes For Your Cat

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Cats have no idea what Halloween is (and chances are they wouldn't care if they did), but that doesn't mean they don't look adorable in costume. If you're prepared for the definite shun and disgruntled "'tude" from your kitty, it's time to look for a Halloween costume for your cat. I support you completely, even if your cat does not. Why waste an opportunity to make an already cute animal even cuter?

Plus, if there's ever been a time when the cat-loving community needs to come together for positive PR, it's now. Dogs are officially more popular than cats online after years of feline dominance, The Outline reported, and I refuse to take that lying down. Yes, there are still plenty of famous cats to follow on Instagram, but this is no time to get complacent. You need to remind the world that kittens reign supreme.

The good news is there's no shortage of costume options if you're dressing up your cat (or any of your other pets) this year. Whether you're going for a classic animal disguise or a more elaborate movie reference, someone with an insanely fun job has made the ideal costume for your feline.

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Every millennial's dream (myself included). This Avocado Cat Costume would be the perfect Halloween outfit for your cat. Perhaps you should dress up as a piece of toast for a Halloween ensemble?


The Jaws of Life

This Crochet Cat Shark Sweater Costume is not only adorable, but also looks quite cozy. It could also double as a Thundershirt for cats who have anxiety, though they may feel more anxious as you're trying to stuff them into the costume.


Kitty, King of Beasts

Could this faux lion’s mane for cats be any cuter? Every cat deserves to get in touch with their wild side every once in a while. Don’t be surprised if you catch your little furry buddy working on their roar when you put them in it.


Giddy Up, Kitty

I’m not sure if it’s every cat’s dream to be a mouse’s noble steed, but it makes for a hilarious photo op. With this unfussy Kitty-Up Costume, all you have to do is strap the stuffed cowboy mouse with its pretend saddle to your cat. Let them explore their home on the range together — at least until kitty starts chewing his little hombre.


Slice Of Heaven

Dressing up animals like food just never gets old for some reason, so why wouldn't you dress your cat up like a pepperoni slice? It's a no-brainer. This Pizza Slice Pet Costume is a must-have for Halloween shenanigans.


Grey's "A-Cat-omy"

Sorry, I had to. This Cat Doctor Costume on Etsy would be the purrrrfect fit for those obsessed with medical TV dramas. And who knows, your cat may be even better looking than McDreamy.


A Purrrfect Slice of Fall

Not only is this Pumpkin Pie Cat Costume an obvious choice for Halloween, but if they'll tolerate it, you can force your cat to be festive on Thanksgiving, too. Make them earn those turkey and macaroni and cheese leftovers.


Pirate Cat Costume

Arrgh, it’s a pirate’s life for kitties. Idepet’s Pirate Cat Costume is the sweetest getup for swashbuckling cats and includes a hat, plus two fake arms (one is akimbo and the other is a hook). Put your feline’s two front paws through the leg holes and watch them swagger like a buccaneer.


Quick Draw Kitty

This cowboy cat costume comes with faux arms that are prepared to draw at any moment. I can't tell if the cat in the photo looks determined and ready to win a draw, or if he's just pissed because he has on a stupid hat and outfit. Either way, this Halloween costume rules.


"Spidercat, Spidercat..."

Though not reminiscent of Spiderman, this realistic looking spider cat costume is definitely creepy. Kind of gives me the heebie jeebies just looking at it.

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