Craig Sjodin/ABC

The New President Was Named On 'Scandal'

Season 6 of Scandal opened with the shocking death of the new president-elect, so Fitz got to pick the person to take his place. Unfortunately, Cyrus was elected president on Scandal even though he still can't be trusted. The end of the episode revealed, right after he was announced as the new president, that he was the person responsible for Frankie's death. Of course Cyrus hasn't confirmed it yet, but the fact that Jennifer Fields, a campaign worker for Frankie, left a voicemail turning him in and then later turned up dead, shows how guilty Cyrus at least looks right now.

If you look at his track record, he has a history of doing the unthinkable to get what he wants, like rigging an election and blackmailing almost everyone on the show at some point. His only moral compass, James (RIP, sweet prince) has been long dead on the show, leaving Cyrus to continue on his forever destructive streak. When Frankie was shot on Scandal, it had Cyrus's name all over it, despite the fact that he had been Frankie's right hand man. In fact, being the vice president-elect is the main thing that qualified him to be the next president, since the people had at least an idea of who he is. But now that Cyrus was elected president on Scandal, there's no telling what happens next.

Cyrus's road to the white house is littered with people he's wronged in one way or another, and having a villain as the president on Scandal right now is all too relevant, but he's done so much damage before he had so much power that it's kind of terrifying to think of him as the most powerful person in the country now. Of course Olivia is all about taking him down and donning her figurative "white hat," but it's not going to be easy. Like, at all.

Honestly, Mellie as the president on Scandal would have probably been much too easy and would have resulted in a more peaceful era, so while Cyrus coming into power is infuriating and worrisome, I get it. Now, however, there is likely going to be a game of power tug of war as Olivia tries to take him down while being pushed away since, you know, he's the prez and all.

Cyrus was chosen to be the new president on Scandal, but Olivia has a way of burrowing into the White House, so let's hope she can take him down.