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Daniel's Instagram Proves The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Can Make Fun Of Himself

On shows like The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, you get your stars who seem like they are really truly looking for love, and you have the ones who seem to be there almost purely for comedic relief. Both are totally necessary in these types of shows, but it's hard to say where Daniel from Bachelor in Paradise fits in. On the one hand, he seems to get caught at the worst times saying the worst things, but on the other hand, he did seem to care about Sarah Herron for the few days they were with each other.

So in Daniel's case, it could go either way, he may be the unicorn in Paradise. His Instagram proves that regardless of his place on the show, the Bachelor in Paradise star has a sense of humor about himself on the show and it makes you kind of like him. Our resident Canadian has always had a certain allure about him, even when he was comparing Chad Johnson to Mussolini, like it was an OK thing — he was just so aloof of what he was saying! Then again, he started using bird analogies (why?) to explain what kind of woman he was looking for in Paradise, and that was not cool.

Daniel's Instagram is full of glamour shots, model stills, and mirror selfies because apparently it's 2004 and his phone doesn't have a good enough front facing camera. But sift through all of that and you'll find Daniel from Bachelor in Paradise poking fun at himself and seeming unafraid to call himself out on all of the comments that we've come to expect from him.

He Fully Embraces The Syrup Shower

The intro for Bachelor in Paradise this season is a must watch — even if you don't like watching Evan eat a banana like that. Whether its Lace's martini glass or Vinny's karate moves that make you laugh, there's no doubt that Daniel's maple syrup shower is a real standout. I mean, that camera pan.

He Recognizes The Bromance He Developed With Chad

On Instagram, Daniel captioned this photo with "You like that view eh Chad, you here for me or JoJo?" which basically sums up this friendship. Obviously both men were interested in JoJo (also being BFFs and working on their fitness together), but their budding bromance was a highlight of Season 12 of The Bachelorette.

He Knows How Ridiculous That Speedo Is

Daniel claims that he has never worn a Speedo before he wore one on TV, but he doesn't look too uncomfortable, now does he?

He Also Seems To See The Error Of His Ways With Words

Daniel started this season of Bachelor in Paradise by comparing himself to an eagle, letting it be known that he was looking for a similarly good looking female eagle, or something like that. I think the line was something like, "An eagle doesn't settle for a pigeon, right? An eagle settles for an eagle. I don't know what's better than an eagle, like a pterodactyl or something?" Obviously hearing that come from his mouth was disgusting and rude to all of the women on Bachelor in Paradise (and just women in genearl), but at least, after the fact, he seems to realize how ridiculous that was. Because it was.

He Knows What He's Doing

There are flashing moments of Serious Daniel on Bachelor in Paradise, but then there are also times where you just can't believe the words coming out of his mouth. This onion/orange debate with Leah was certainly one of those moments. Then again, you have to remember that this is a TV show — a parody TV show at that. Maybe Daniel is playing all of us by spouting out these expressions. Maybe he actually knows what he's doing.

Daniel's Instagram might not be as diverse as they come, but the Bachelor in Paradise star knows what his fans want and have come to expect from him, and he seems to have no problem laughing at himself along with them. It's almost like Chad with those deli meats. You knew that he knew what he was doing, but that definitely didn't cheapen it.