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Annalise's Disappearance Could Be Connected To Laurel's Baby On 'HTGAWM'

At this point, I don’t think anyone is really surprised about Laurel being the center of tragedy on How to Get Away with Murder. After bearing the brunt of the grief following Wes’ murder last season, it was clear that things would get dark for her. And now that her baby is missing in the flash forward, you can’t help but look at the suspects around her. So, did Annalise take Laurel’s baby on How to Get Away with Murder? She could be missing too, apparently, and her hotel room is now a crime scene, so I wouldn’t rule it out.

But the motive behind Annalise taking Laurel’s baby on HTGAWM is kind of shaky. For one, it’s difficult to imagine that she’d purposely make someone else go through the loss of a child, much like she did when she lost her son during childbirth. Plus, after all the Keating Four went through, especially Laurel with the loss of Wes, Annalise doesn’t seem like the type of person to continue on that line of tragedy for her.

In fact, by writing them letters of recommendation, it looked like Annalise was ready to let the students go their own separate ways for their own good. So could Annalise take Laurel’s baby on HTGAWM and effectively intertwine her life with theirs once again?

While there are plenty of reasons why Annalise wouldn’t want to hurt Laurel, there are also a handful of reasons why she still may have taken the baby. So far, we know that in the time frame of the flash forward, both Annalise and Laurel’s baby are missing. And if they’re missing somewhere together, then this could mean that Annalise did take Laurel’s baby, but for a good reason.

If Laurel found it necessary to lie to her father about no longer being pregnant with Wes’ baby, then she must know the kind of danger her child would be up against otherwise. Viewers have already seen what Jorge is capable of by way of having Dominic kill Wes, so if Laurel’s baby is in danger right from birth, maybe Annalise took the baby to keep him or her safe somewhere.

Unfortunately, though, there’s also the possibility that Laurel’s baby was stillborn, like Annalise’s was. Obviously HTGAWM doesn't shy away from showing such a tremendous loss play out, but after everything Laurel has been through, facing the loss of her baby would no doubt send her over the edge.

While Karla Souza (Laurel) couldn’t reveal too much to Entertainment Weekly about Laurel and Annalise’s relationship on HTGAWM this season, she did mention that they have both Wes and motherhood in common, in a way. And that could mean that if Annalise did take her baby, it’s all part of some plan viewers don’t yet know about. "Because Annalise is trying to find redemption this season, I feel like there’s this maternal aspect that comes from her dealing with Laurel and there’s this unspoken love, understanding, and pain that they both share, and that made their relationship a lot stronger," Souza revealed.

If there’s any truth to that as far as Laurel’s baby is concerned, then there’s a good possibility that if Annalise took the baby in the flash forward, it was an act out of care for Laurel and, in a way, for Wes too.

While it would certainly be juicy and dramatic for Annalise to steal Laurel’s baby and run away with the infant, she’s come too far to take a huge step back like that. Instead, it’s entirely possible that Laurel’s cries in the flash forward and the fact that Annalise is M.I.A. could be part of a bigger plan at play.

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