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Asher's Anger May Be A Problem On 'HTGAWM'

As with most crimes on How to Get Away With Murder, in the beginning everyone is a suspect. And since the person who killed Wes is still at large, the same goes for the latest big mystery for the Keating Four to solve. But after his big outburst in the most recent episode, did Asher kill Wes on How to Get Away With Murder? He obviously has a temper that he couldn't keep under control when he attacked Connor, but at the same time, Connor seemed to be looking for a fight, so it wasn't as if he wasn't goaded. Still, for someone who is mostly known for his light-hearted personality, it was shocking to see him turn so angry and violence on a dime like that. Could this have been a subtle clue of what's lurking underneath Asher's surface?

I don't want to believe that Asher killed Wes on HTGAWM because that would take away one of the only upbeat things about the show that viewers have. And also because I can't really imagine the show without him. Who would perform impromptu dance moves or put on awful German accents to alleviate Michaela's stress? But what if Asher has something to do with Wes's death because of Frank or Bonnie? Bonnie is another one who has seemed pretty shady throughout this whole process and she and Asher definitely have a past together. But could Asher really kill someone like Wes?

Although it goes against everything in me, it's possible that Asher did it, and there are quite a few things to suggest as much. For example...

His Angry Outburst At Connor

Connor made a comment to Laurel in her hospital room about getting an abortion because who would want someone like Wes as the father of their baby. It was a pretty terrible thing to say about someone who was supposedly your friend, so you couldn't necessarily blame Asher for getting riled up. What was surprising, though, was the way Asher continued to attack him, which caused some serious-looking injuries to Connor's face. Maybe this wasn't the first time he's taken things too far.

He's Taken Wes's Death Pretty Hard

From his outburst at Connor to the way he was moping around the hospital, Asher seems to have taken Wes' death harder than almost anyone else. Of course Michaela is there for Laurel, who is mourning the loss on her own, but of all people, Asher seems extremely upset about Wes' death. And it could be because he had something to do with it or was even responsible altogether.

He's "Sorry" For Something

Asher is the only one to appear in the back of the courtroom for Annalise's initial bail hearing, and he told Bonnie to tell Annalise that he's sorry. But what is he sorry for? Is he sorry that Annalise is behind bars for a crime that she presumably didn't commit? Or is he sorry because he did something wrong in some unknown plan that hasn't yet been revealed?

He Still Has Ties To Bonnie

In the most recent episode of HTGAWM, Asher referred to Bonnie as "BonBon" for the first time in a while. That could have been because he was defending her to the rest of the group, or it could be because they've gotten closer thanks to a crime that forced them to come together. (Nothing says romance like covering up a murder, right?) Maybe Bonnie used Asher to keep Wes quiet from telling the cops about all of their crimes, but the plan went wrong. Or maybe she convinced him to set the fire without knowing anyone was inside the house at the time.

He's Killed Before

Asher is fun and silly, sure, but have we all forgotten about the very real murder he committed himself? Back in Season 2, he ran over DA, Emily Sinclair, with his car. He then enlisted the help of Bonnie (of course), who was able to cover it up for him. But the point is that he's definitely not a stranger to murder and if he asked for Bonnie's help, she could have been asking for a return on the favor to keep Wes quiet.

It's hard to believe that Asher killed Wes on HTGAWM, but it would be no less surprising than anyone else at this point. And with a show like this, until proven otherwise, everyone is a suspect.