Rodrigo Varela/ABC

The Winner Of 'The Bachelorette' May Have Been Revealed Early

After watching what was probably one of the saddest Bachelor Nation breakups in the history of the franchise, fans are no doubt asking, did Bryan Abasolo win The Bachelorette? He was literally the last guy left on Rachel's season so he might have won by default, in a way.

The main focus toward the end of The Bachelorette season finale was Rachel and Peter's relationship and his inability to agree to an engagement. And really, during their emotional talk/break-up, Rachel was all but asking him to go back in time and be ready to propose sooner than he was. (Which, spoiler alert, wasn't at all.) She did tell him she didn't want him to stick around and propose, because she knew that he wasn't ready, as much as she wanted him to be.

Since the whole point of The Bachelorette is typically to find a future spouse, it's almost a wonder why Peter agreed to take part in the show, knowing full well what the endgame usually is. That being said, Rachel did send him home and Bryan was the other contestant she fell in love with, so does that mean Bryan won The Bachelorette this season? Since she's engaged and happily so, you kind of have to assume that Bryan proposed and she said an eager "yes."

Even though Rachel clearly had strong feelings for Peter, she also had arguably comparable feelings for Bryan, so allowing him to propose and accepting that proposal was to be expected. After the messy break-up with Peter, it was only natural for Rachel to have some doubts, but she's also been in love with Bryan and secure in their future together for a while.

Earlier in The Bachelorette season finale, Bryan said that he's never felt this strongly about anyone else and that being with Rachel is like being "on top of the world," but then again, we all already knew that he has a way with words, especially when it comes to his feelings for Rachel.

And since Rachel referred to Bryan as her "rock," it did make sense for her to accept his proposal on The Bachelorette Monday night. He might have been the last man standing and the potential winner by default, but Bryan was also an obvious favorite for Rachel long before The Bachelorette season finale.

Rachel clearly fell in love with both Peter and Bryan, but in the end it came down to whose love was strong enough for her to allow them commit. And for Rachel, it was Bryan.