Joy-Anna Duggar Might Be Planning A Huge Change Right Now

Shortly before Joy-Anna Duggar welcomed baby Gideon in February 2018, fans watched her and husband, Austin Forsyth, remodel their starter home together. Although the two struggled to complete the project before Gideon's debut, they finished it right on time. But almost a year after the home's completion, some people are curious about whether Joy-Anna Duggar has since moved. Because by the looks of it, Joy-Anna and Forsyth are in the process of renovating a new home.

It's probably not a good idea to start a massive remodeling project when you're heavily pregnant, but that's exactly what Joy-Anna did following her May 2017 wedding. To be fair, however, the couple probably didn't anticipate that they'd conceive in the immediate weeks following their nuptials.

Either way, Joy-Anna and Forsyth's plan to live in a trailer until their dream home was complete hit a snag when she conceived. Although it's manageable to live in a cramped RV when you're newlyweds and the threshold for BS is a bit higher, this situation isn't ideal for first-time parents with a newborn.

Luckily for the pair, everything came together in the nick of time despite some difficult hurdles.

But just when you thought Joy-Anna and Forsyth were ready to settle down in their new abode, the couple posted photos from their RV in August. When a few fans asked about the change in living arrangements, Joy-Anna responded on Instagram: "We’ll be posting an update soon! Yes, we are living in a camper!! And I love it!"

As for the update Joy-Anna and Forsyth promised? It looks like they've found a new home to remodel. "I love getting to tile... especially with these cuties!" Joy-Anna captioned a snap of Forsyth tiling wall.

The mom also shared some adorable selfies with baby Gideon, who genuinely appears thrilled to be apart of the project.

Shortly after Joy-Anna shared the pics, questions from fans poured in.

"Is this a new house that you have moved into?" one person asked.

Another commenter asked: "So fun! Is that a new flip house or did y’all move/fix it up now?"

"Is this your house or a house you flipped?" someone else said.

Although it's not clear if this house is a flip project or a forever home, I'd wager on the latter. The couple needs a home base, especially if they plan to expand their family.

On another note, some supporters suggested that Joy-Anna and Forsyth should consider launching their own home renovations show.

"HGTV show in the making??" one person teased.

"Austin and Joy, you should have your own flip a house show in HGTV!" a fan suggested. "Looking very nice! Even Jana can help with the design with decor."

"You three should have a flipping houses show," a commenter pointed out. "Your family is so sweet."

I don't know about you guys, but I'd love to see Jana Duggar flex her design skills on a new spin-off show featuring Joy-Anna and Forsyth. Anything to get these kids out from under Jim Bob Duggar's thumb, right?

On that note, stay tuned for updates from Joy-Anna and Forsyth on their potential new home. I have a feeling they'll spill the beans sooner than later.

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