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James' Job On 'Vanderpump Rules' Is In Danger

Lisa Vanderpump might seem like the most intimidating person to work for, but she does have her employees’ best interests at heart, which is why she fired James from SUR when Katie came to her with her grievances. On the Dec. 23 episode of Vanderpump Rules, the rest of the SUR employees also agreed that he had to go. But later, did Lisa give James his job back on Vanderpump Rules? After Katie went to Lisa personally and explained why she didn't feel safe or supported working with James, Lisa seemed understanding and confronted SUR’s resident DJ and, for all intents and purposes, bad boy.

As hot and cold as James runs, to be honest the show just wouldn't be the same without him. SUR might also suffer without the wild DJ there to spin music, bring in crowds, and occasionally say something highly inappropriate and/or grossly offensive. But after a bout of drunken body-shaming in which James told Katie to "lose some f*cking weight," Katie put her foot down and told Lisa she couldn't work with someone with so little respect for women. She told the grand dame of the Bravo Beverly Hills restaurant scene that either he goes or she does. Can I get an amen?

In the end Lisa did fire him, but in a promo that aired after the episode, she visited James at his apartment, so it’s possible that she offered him his job back right then and there. It would be kind of anticlimactic, but there are some social media clues that play on the idea that James got his job back on Vanderpump Rules before the dust had even settled on his firing.

As recently as Dec. 9, James tweeted that he was freestyle DJing at SUR. In October, he also tweeted about working at SUR. Despite Lisa firing him on the show, it appears that he got his job back, at least in some capacity. Maybe he isn't working at SUR full time, which would make sense since he also regularly tours as a DJ, but Lisa likely took some pity on him (it wouldn't be the first time).

After explaining to him that she couldn't have him disrespecting so many of the female employees (just a few episodes earlier, James had rapped on stage about the Jax and Brittany cheating scandal while Brittany herself was on the floor) and that Katie had threatened to leave if something wasn't done about James, Lisa said she had to let him go. Instead of flying off the handle in a rage, however, the usually cocky DJ broke down in tears, saying to Lisa that he needed the job to continue to make a living and support his family members. Say what you will about James and his word vomit, but it was kind of hard to watch.

One explanation could be that in next Monday’s episode, Lisa might give James the choice of changing and bettering himself before returning to SUR and he does just that. Hence, his current recurring gig at the restaurant. She did tell him during their discussion when she fired him that he needed to stop drinking altogether. I’m not sure if all of his comments to the other SUR employees and his fellow cast members have been fueled by alcohol alone, but he has definitely said he's a different person when he's drunk. It’s possible that James agreed to give up the sauce in exchange for keeping his steady job with steady income. It would probably be the most mature thing he’s done lately.

If Lisa did give James his job back at SUR, he might still be shown less on Vanderpump Rules as the season progresses. According to Jax, the Vanderpump Rules cast is over his antics, even if he’s working for Lisa again. "Everyone refuses to film with him, so I don’t see how," Jax tweeted, when a fan said that the season wouldn't be the same without James.

I honestly don't see James going anywhere, if only because his tantrums and behavior in general are probably ratings gold. He also brings in a lot of customers at SUR because of his "See You Next Tuesday" shows specifically. Lisa no doubt realizes that. It looks like she did give him back his job, but if he’s really not getting along with the rest of the cast, James’ days as a regular cast member on Vanderpump Rules could be numbered.

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