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This 'HTGAWM' Theory Seems Very Possible

Call it an ex-girlfriend concerned about the death of her ex-boyfriend or call it totally suspicious, because Meggie's interest in Wes' death on How to Get Away With Murder is starting to be almost too much to ignore. But did Meggie kill Wes on How to Get Away With Murder? She's definitely interested in what happened to him, but so is everyone else who cared about him when he was alive. Though it's not crazy to point out that in a show like HTGAWM, nothing happens by chance and if Meggie is asking tons of invasive questions, it could be due to the fact that she had something to do with Wes' demise.

To give her the benefit of the doubt, anyone is a suspect in Wes's murder, but this is also the ex-girlfriend who was jilted and then forced to help save his new pregnant girlfriend after the fire. So as nice as she seems, it has to be a case of being almost too nice. After Laurel had a visit from the detective in the case, Meggie visited her in the guise of bringing her a snack, but as their conversation went on, it was clear that she was really just there for information about what Laurel told the detective and vice-versa. But is that because she truly cares about finding who killed Wes or because Meggie killed Wes herself and wants to know if they're on to her?

Maybe Meggie did kill Wes on HTGAWM, but it was a complete accident. Maybe she was actually trying to kill Laurel no knowing that Wes was in the house too. Though it still wouldn't explain why the medical examiner first told Nate that Wes had died before the fire. Still, the idea proves that fans everywhere are definitely suspicious of Meggie.

It is very curious that not long after Wes went to dinner with and met Meggie's father, there was a supposed anonymous tip made to the NYPD about Mahoney's shooting. According to Redditor Kellivision's theory, Meggie's dad could have found out that Wes was at the crime scene and called the cops himself, making Meggie an inadvertently part of the events leading to Wes' death, but not the person with the match.

But even if something so seemingly minuscule like that is tied to Meggie, it doesn't mean that she killed Wes herself. Honestly, I'm not sure if viewers even know enough about her besides her strange, childish name to say if she's capable of actual murder or not. (I just assume everyone is on this show.) But I think there's a deeper reason why she's so interested in what Laurel told the police.

Now that it's been revealed that Nate and Wes saw each other at Annalise's house before it burned down, there's reason to suggest that someone might have killed Wes after he left and then brought him back to the house without Nate knowing. But is Meggie capable of committing murder and then bringing the body back to the house to stage a fire? Again, fans still know so little about the medical student, but it doesn't seem like something she could do. At least, not on her own.

Since right now there are theories about almost everyone killing Wes, Meggie is still a viable suspect, but if she did it, then I think she had help. So the real question is, if Meggie killed Wes on HTGAWM, who helped her?